With our solutions, you will be able to customize the finish of your packaging, while maintaining a superlative level of protection

In all industrial packaging processes of any company that has its packaging plant, it is essential to have a machine to make customized packaging for many reasons.

The quality and effectiveness of the packaging depends on the good transport, handling, protection and storage of the products. With our machinery, we guarantee that your plant will take a leap into the future in terms of production capacity, safety and efficiency, both in terms of energy and consumables.

Our experience shows that this is an investment that pays for itself in a short time and is profitable for any company with its packaging plant.

Why is a customized packaging machine so valuable?

Máquina para hacer packaging personalizado

It is essential to have advanced and modern packaging machinery that helps to improve and optimize the entire production process. Customized packaging adds professionalism, quality and great value to your brand. The packaging is the first thing customers will see when they receive or buy your products, and it must be perfect, identify your brand at first glance and be of the highest possible quality.

In the first instance, the initial objective of packaging is to protect products from impacts, vibrations, corrosion, among others, which can modify their quality, presentation, and even the very essence of our products. For this reason, there are different protective materials depending on the product to be transported and different types of packaging, according to the transport, handling, and storage needs established by current legislation.

Beyond this objective, there is also the communication objective: there is nothing healthier when it comes to identifying products than having clear information on the outside of the packaging about the handling conditions, requirements, and identification of its contents. By this, we mean personalized packaging and to achieve this it is essential to have this type of machinery.

How can CMB help you?

At CMB we produce machinery to make personalized packaging, with safety measures that make manufacturing safer, reducing noise pollution and waste generation. 

With faster and more customizable machinery, adjusting to customer needs or changes on the fly are easier and more agile. Our machines allow you to create designs that feature your brand logo, relevant product information and more. 

On the other hand, they are designed to be more efficient and adaptable to customer needs, such as shorter or longer runs and a tighter time-to-market, and can easily meet peak demand and other specific needs.

cómo embalar productos industriales

What are the packaging systems that CMB can offer you?

propiedades de una máquina de embalaje industrial

At CMB we can offer you machines to make customized packaging, to work with cold and also to work with heat.

For example, COOLPACK machines are a cold packaging system that combines two plastic materials: bubble and stretch film. This packaging system increases the level of protection while reducing energy consumption. It is ideal for all types of furniture and products that require special protection. They offer the cushioning of the bubbles and the stronghold of the film, achieving a very high degree of protection and support. 

Another option is our ERL wrappers, efficient, fast and with which you will get a spectacular profitability. They work with stretch film and also polyethylene, offer a high degree of fastening, do not require high-energy consumption and are perfect for packaging all types of furniture, doors, windows, blinds, pipes…

Get more efficiency and quality with our latest generation machinery

At CMB, we have many years of experience in manufacturing packaging machinery that meets the highest quality standards. Our experience in the sector gives us a background that allows us to improve day after day to offer our customers equipment that is efficient, effective and guarantees excellent results.

If you would like to know more about our industrial packaging solutions, please contact CMB without any obligation. Call us on (+34) 93 636 14 16 or write to [email protected] and our team will be at your disposal.