With the ERB-280/30 we have developed the fastest and most efficient door wrapping machine on today’s market

The main problem of wrapping doors was always the production capacity of the machines that had to do this task, since they had to receive the doors lengthways. This made the wrapping process long and not very streamlined, whilst also costly in terms of energy since it meant the shrink tunnels had to operate for longer periods of time with the resulting energy consumption it entailed.

All of this changed with the arrival of the ERB-280/30 for the transversal wrapping of doors and it became the fastest and with the greatest optimisation of consumption on the market.

Outputs didn’t just increase, they doubled and even more. The technology applied to achieve the highest profitability for our customers creates a real racing machine for the packaging of doors, whatever their dimensions and characteristics. 

This type and model of machine quickly pays for itself and becomes an essential element of any door factory that has a considerable production and requires high quality protective and aesthetic finishes.

Other advantages of this latest generation door wrapping machine

The installation of this type of machinery contributes a great deal to improving and increasing the safety of the operatives, given that they mechanise and automate the most monotonous and repetitive tasks, which usually also provide very little value for the company. The human, material and energy resources are optimised in equal parts, being a profitable and necessary investment for any modern door packaging plant. 

It has been developed to cover the requirements and demands of the current market without any problems, from the point of view of the production rate, always guaranteeing that you will be able to meet the deadlines agreed with your customers.  

Summarising the advantages of this automatic wrapping machine:

  • Increased production rate and energy efficiency thanks to the fact that, throughout the entire process, it only stops once and this occurs at the film welding station.

  • You will be able to finish wrapping your products with personalised and top quality finishes.

  • It is a reliable, efficient and robust machine which is characterised for the simplicity of all of its parts, its simple installation and also for not requiring large maintenance tasks.

  • It improves the safety of the entire plant and enables you to optimise the human resources of your company.

We have always believed in and been committed to the R+D of the most advanced packaging solutions, aiming to improve both our machinery and our materials or technologies over time, helping customers to make their factories profitable.

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