Something new and a step forward in the world of furniture packaging!


CMB presents its new COOLPACK-KF Series prepared to work automatically with a new material that will further protect the products to be packed.

The new COOLPACK-KF is designed and prepared to use sandwich material formed by KRAFT PAPER and POLYETHYLENE BUBBLE. The quality of protection of the packaged product becomes supreme, also giving an aesthetic, category and value to the final product for customer satisfaction.


More than 30 years in the market of the manufacture of automatic packaging machinery for medium and large products makes us a reference company in the sector. After numerous trials and tests, we have finally achieved a new and better solution for the welding process of sheets of different qualities and characteristics of materials. At CMB, again and as we did when developing the first welding system, we have now created a new welding bar perfectly compatible with the use of these materials, thus entering a new era and dimension in terms of protection materials in automatic wrapping.

Excellent finishes, not only aesthetic, but also effective to take care of your products as they deserve and arrive in the best delivery conditions to your customers.

The new COOLPACK-KF Series is available in different sizes so that customers can find the model that best suits their needs.

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