Knowing the differences between packaging, packing and crating is key now, when all kinds of products are exported on a large scale and all over the world. In such a context, it is a certainty that a long list of unforeseen events and mishaps can arise during transport from one place to another. 

That is why it is important to know the differences between packaging, packing and crating, to choose the right option, depending on the product that needs to be transported. This is because it is the appropriate choice of one of these three methods that ensures that the transported material is not damaged and retains its properties.

Differences between container packaging and packing

The main differences between packing, packaging and crating

Here is a simple description of the differences between the terms’ container, packaging and packing:

Packaging: what is it

Packaging is used for food, whether solid or liquid. Technically, the action of packaging involves putting liquid or solid food, or something else, into a container for storage or transport from one place to another.

Packaging: what is it for

According to the dictionary definition, the act of packing is to make bales or bundles of something. Therefore, when we discuss packaging, we are referring to packaging that is used for products in general. These also include foodstuffs that need to be grouped in bales or bundles.

Packaging: when is it used

The act of packing is the act of wrapping or packaging an object with various suitable materials, or putting it in a box for safe transport. Therefore, packaging is used for all products that have to be wrapped or packed to be protected and transported safely.

Knowing the difference between containers, packaging and wrapping can make all the difference

Starting from this premise, choosing the most suitable methods or materials can make the difference between the success or failure of an export. At CMB, as specialists in packaging methods, we believe that it will be of great help to know the differences between these terms, so as not to make any kind of mistakes, thus ensuring that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The final layer of protection: packaging

Today, exports between countries number in the hundreds of thousands. Cargo can travel by sea, air or land, through different geographical and climatic zones, until it reaches its final destination. The use of cushioning, immobilization and protective materials is therefore essential to prevent cargo damage.

In this sense, the function of packaging is to keep the product well protected and sealed, and prepared for any mishap that may arise. In addition, fragile material must be packaged separately to avoid damage due to knocks and bumps. 

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As you have seen, the use of appropriate packaging will be decisive in guaranteeing the success of your exports and optimizing your profitability.

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