We have always been committed to the digitalization and automation of packaging systems through our machinery.

It is a certainty that the 21st century has brought with it the digitalization of our society, and industry, as an essential part, has also undergone an enormous and unstoppable process of digital transformation and process automation, which has given rise to what we know today as Industry 4.0. 

The truth is that the advantages of having automated, robotized and digitized machinery are essential for any company or production plant, in terms of process quality, substantial increase in productivity, sustainability and energy efficiency, or occupational safety of workers.

In general terms, we have two different ranges of packaging machinery, one for working with heat and the other for working with cold.

transformación digital packaging

Capable of using different packaging materials on the same line, without interruptions, such as polyethylene film or bubble—always depending on the model chosen—they are capable of offering a very high degree of protection, together with levels of productivity and efficiency that make any of our machines a safe, profitable and necessary investment to adapt smoothly to the process of digital and technological transformation that we are experiencing in the packaging industry today.

Digital transformation in packaging: our automated machinery

For example, the ERB-280 /30 model has been considered the fastest door packer on the market. Or the new COOLPACK-KF range, designed to use a sandwich material made of Kraft paper and bubble polyethylene, offering a spectacularly high degree of protection and, as if that were not enough, accompanied by aesthetic and personalized finishes that provide great added value to the final product that reaches the customer.

Or our SUPER P module, which significantly increases the performance of our packaging machines; in this case we have an automated system capable of offering two different types of packaging, while at the same time being able to combine a wide variety of packaging materials in superimposed layers, which until now could not be combined, and can also guarantee a very high degree of protection for the product.

These are just a few examples, but we have more models available, just take a few minutes to browse our website, do not hesitate to ask us for detailed information or make an enquiry if necessary.

transformación digital packaging

Digital transformation will bring you much more security and control of the entire packaging process in your plant

Within this process of digital transformation in packaging, at CMB we have incorporated in our machinery lines, among other things, monitoring and process control systems that allow us to verify at all times that the packaging process is working properly and productions are fulfilled without interruptions. 

Should any problems arise, we can detect them by on-site visualization of the anomaly and, if necessary, vary parameters directly in the work programmes dumped into the automatons installed in our machines and without the need to physically access them. 

All this avoids the need to have control operators “at the machine” and allows them to access the lines only to solve any problems that may arise, and this advantage of remote control allows them to carry out other types of work, generating more efficiency and an important added value for the company.

Packaging solutions for hot or cold work

If you would like us to advise you on the digital and automated transformation of your packaging plant?

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Our long and extensive experience of more than thirty years as manufacturers of packaging machinery has shown us that betting on automation and digital transformation of the packaging of your products and your plant, in the short term, is always a great bet. In the long term, it is inevitable, no doubt about it.

transformación digital packaging