Do you know what you need to pack fragile industrial goods? At CMB, we have all the packaging solutions your company needs to meet the demands of today’s market.
We offer you the latest and most efficient automated packaging machinery for medium and large sized wood products and furniture, so that your satisfaction and that of your customers is more than guaranteed. In this post, we will show you everything you need to know about how to pack fragile industrial goods.

How to pack fragile industrial goods?

Primarily, it is essential to purchase the packaging materials that are most suitable for this type of goods:

  • Bubble film and stretch film: this is the most suitable combination for cold packaging, as it allows you to achieve maximum protection for each of your products, not to mention that, with our solutions, energy consumption is minimal and cost-effectiveness is guaranteed.

  • Kraft paper: this is a much stronger type of paper than conventional paper. It is produced by processing wood fibre pulp. It is a 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable paper that is increasingly used in today’s packaging industry.

  • Shrink film: with this type of film, you will achieve the highest quality packaging. In addition, you can see the goods, but without losing protection.

  • Heat-shrinkable film for overlap bottom sealing: if you want to have a system for large series of product packaging processes with the same dimensions, this material is the most suitable for its high final aesthetic quality and low cost, due to the high performance that is achieved with this type of packaging compared to other types of heat-shrink packaging, in addition to highlighting again the high-quality finish of the packaged products.

Solutions for packaging fragile industrial goods

The second must-have is the acquisition of the latest and most complete packaging machinery, and for this, we offer six systems or solutions, three of which are cold packaging and three of which are hot packaging.

Cold Packing of fragile industrial goods 

In our stock you can find different cold packaging machinery solutions. Specifically, we have three different series and each with its different models: ERL, COOLPACK and SUPER P.

como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales

Horizontal wrapping machine:

From polyethylene film you will obtain packaging that is not only kind to the environment, but also packs products of different dimensions on the same line, guaranteeing the highest possible profitability and production with minimum energy consumption. So if you want to pack cabinets, doors, profiles, and tubes efficiently and economically, we have what you need.


Protection, quality, performance, efficiency, safety at every stage of the process, all this is what the COOLPACK machine offers, but you can also use materials such as bubble film and stretch film, both of which are recyclable and sustainable.

como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales
como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales


Super protection is now within your reach with this machine characterized by its versatility, as it packs all types of goods and with a variety of protection in materials such as cardboard in sheets, in reels, kraft paper, etc.

Packing fragile industrial goods with hot

If you want to have the most efficient and effective solutions in heat packaging machinery we would like to introduce you the ERB — Shrink Wrapper, COMBO, ERS — Overlap Shrink Wrapper stations.
We will show you their main features and benefits, and what they can do to improve your industrial packaging plant in terms of energy efficiency, productivity or work safety.
como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales

ERB- Shrink Wrapper:

Resistance, protection, thermal and environmental insulation to avoid contact with dust and other agents that have the potential to reduce the quality of your finished goods.


This is an automated machine that allows you to detect the dimensions of the product and use the most suitable materials for its protection, thus achieving maximum efficiency in the amount of material to be used for packaging without losing production capacity times.

como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales
como embalar mercancias frágiles industriales

ERS- Automatic shrink wrap machine

There are no limitations in terms of packaging, except for the end of the film reel material when it runs out. So if you are looking for visibility, protection, production speed, material throughput and cost reduction, this is the packer for you.

You have in your hands to acquire the best solutions in machinery for packaging fragile industrial goods. By simply contacting our customer service department, we will provide you with personalized advice and answer any questions you may have.
You can do so by calling (+34) 93 636 14 16, e-mailing us to [email protected] or taking a few seconds to complete the following form.