Why use hot packaging for medium and large furniture that requires a certain final aesthetic finish?

Certain types of furniture, and based on their end destination, may need to be presented in a certain way according to the product and the type of client they are designed for. In the case of medium and large furniture, they may go directly to the storage warehouses and are distributed thereafter or they may go directly to the shop or department stores where cool packaging is not suitable due to the final aesthetic of the product.

In addition, we must take into account the necessity to protect wood or other materials, not only from dust and dirt but also from possible scratches, tears or stains. That is why it’s very important to package the product according to the furniture and the end destination.

Hot packaging requires a flexible material as well as efficient and automated industrial machinery that allows us to achieve the highest level of protection, but also with high productivity rates and the aesthetic finish appropriate for each case.

Hot packaging is a solution that we offer here at CMB thanks to our packaging machines, specially designed to protect furniture and various products of medium and large dimensions, especially if they are made from wood. The ideal material for this type of packaging is heat shrink and fully recyclable polyethene film.

This is a type of film that shrinks to a fraction of its original size when heated, which allows it to adjust to the shape of any object it wraps, in addition to protecting the furniture against moisture, sun, dust and corrosive substances. When an object is wrapped with this type of film and heat is applied, a kind of vacuum packaging effect is achieved.

The importance of using polyethene as a heat shrink film for hot packaging

At CMB we believe in the importance of preserving the environment. For this reason, our machines and materials follow the highest standards of environmental quality and sustainability.

That is why we prioritise the use of polyethene. This type of film is ideal for packaging medium and large furniture for its excellent stretchable quality and resistance to perforation. It’s used to facilitate the transport of objects that need a certain aesthetic finish and in which it’s important to be able to see what is hidden behind the packaging.

In these cases, packaging with heat shrink polyethene film is currently the only and best option. The furniture remains secure and the packaging prevents it from moving or even the smallest damage. In addition, it allows you to easily see the condition of the merchandise when transparent.

ERB: high production rates, highly efficient and custom finishes

Thermal industrial packaging in CMB products can be found in the form of various automated machines for hot packaging.

The first one we recommend is the ERB shrink wrapper. It has two packaging modules:

the first is EB (welding head) and the second is the RB (shrink tunnel). All types of wooden furniture can be protected. It works by placing the large piece of furniture in the centre of the entrance conveyor table, and the wrapping process starts automatically or via a pedal. The furniture passes through a curtain of polyethene film sheets that are welded together at the end.

The welding head descends to weld the upper film sheet with the bottom. The furniture is closed at both ends but open on the sides. In the heat shrink tunnel chamber, the film shrinks, adhering to the furniture with a vacuum-packed effect and ends completely wrapped, insulated from dust and moisture, ready for transport.

It even makes it possible to provide the packaged furniture with personalized finishes, like films of different colours and even with the company logo printed on the packaging. In this packaging process, there is only a brief stop to weld the film. Using this machinery produces great savings in maintenance and fine-tuning and high profitability in the final manufacturing process, which is packaging the finished products.

COMBO: a packaging machine designed to pack furniture of different sizes on the same packaging line

If the furniture is of different sizes, at CMB we suggest the COMBO range, since it selects the appropriate film roll for each product, which avoids wasting an excessive amount of film, optimizing its use.

As the packaging process does not stop, this machine switches between rolls of different sizes depending on the dimensions of the furniture to be packed for greater production rates and higher energy efficiency.

Heat shrink polyethene film with bottom welding by overlapping: another valid option for hot packaging furniture

Faced with furniture of the same dimensions that need a careful aesthetic finish, at CMB we believe the best machinery for this type of industrial packaging is the ERS Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine, which uses a heat shrink film with bottom overlap welding.

This is an automated machine for a high-quality finish and superior production rates at a very competitive price. Its features consist of an entrance table, a welding head and a set of metal blades where the film is located, the intermediate table and a shrink tunnel.

How does this machine work? Simply deposit the furniture on the conveyor table and it passes through the sheet of semi-tube film, sealed and welded at the front end.

Then, the welding head is moved down to weld the other end of the film, leaving the furniture completely enclosed at both ends. When it enters the shrink tunnel, the polyethene shrinks and the overlapping lower sheet is welded.

The end result is a fully visible product, which allows you to maximise costs and adds value. The product only stops once on the conveyor during the wrapping process. The ERS stands out for its robustness, high reliability and low-maintenance requirements.

industrial hot packaging

At CMB we have a long and extensive history in the manufacture and marketing of industrial hot packaging machinery. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know all about the packaging machines that we can provide to improve and automate your plant. Nothing would please us more than for you to rely on our technology and our state-of-the-art packaging systems.

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