Automated packaging machinery, designed to optimise an industrial plant: extremely high quality, profitability and efficiency

We began our journey in the industrial packaging sector in 1986 with the first wrapping machine using heat shrink film. The ERB Series, whose initials mean: Embaladora Retráctil Barberán (Barberán Shrink Wrapper)

This line of machines with its respective models was created specifically for the wood and furniture sector and we have worked on the exportation of the product since the beginning. Within the first three years we already had a presence at the most important International Trade Fair which is LIGNA in Hanover (Germany). LIGNA is “the world’s leading trade fair

Industrial packaging companies
Industrial packaging companies

In 1989 we started to use other types of consumable material for our machines and we created the ERL Series with its respective models and they were immediately placed on the international market again through the aforementioned trade fair and other leading fairs.

After more than thirty years of experience, we can say that there are packaging machines manufactured by us in more than forty countries and we continue adding customers who are satisfied with our products.

We have automated packaging machines to work both cold and with heat

As a manufacturing company of industrial packaging machinery, specialising in the development of automated packaging machines, both for working cold and with heat, we have developed different models with advanced features and a high performance, that enable us to adapt to the requirements of each project, plant or customer. 

Furthermore, we can carry out viability studies in advance, reducing the potential errors to a bare minimum and guaranteeing that the machinery purchased fully covers the packaging needs of your factory. That said, we advise you to take a look at our catalogue of industrial packaging machines.

Industrial packaging companies

Cool packaging from CMB:

Hot packaging from CMB:

What advantages does stretch film offer for the industrial packaging of wood products and furniture?

  • Stabilises and prevents palletised goods from moving.

  • Protects the pallets from dust, water, chemical agents, dirt, climatic conditions… 

  • Reduction of economic losses due to loading incidents

  • A better marking of the load since our machinery enables high quality finishes, even with your own graphic image printed on it.

  • Optimises and economises the packaging process both in terms of consumable materials and energy costs, with a minimal impact on the final cost of the packaged product

Apart from the advantages of the use of stretch film, automating your factory with our machines and opting for our technology will give you a series of very clear advantages. In summary, it will work more, more economically and efficiently, and in much less time. It’s that easy.

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Our mission consists of identifying the current needs of the industry and helping industrial packaging companies to optimise their processes in terms of energy efficiency, production, profitability and work safety. If you have any queries relating to our products or services, you just need to contact our sales department by phoning (+34) 93 636 14 16. 

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