Choosing the right type of packaging is essential 

Packaging is an essential element for any type of industry. Its main function is to protect the product from potential hazards that may occur during the storage and distribution cycle. The main functions of packaging are to contain, preserve, inform, identify and handle products.

One criterion for classifying the types of packaging is the quantity of materials they are made of:

  • Mono-material: those made up of a single packaging material.

  • Multimaterial: made up of two or more materials.

Another typical property for their selection is the cost of the materials and the packaging process. These are usually decisive when it comes to choosing the type of packaging. The bulk of the cost of each unit must be considered, with logistics, packaging and packing being more important than the costs of the product itself. Solutions are based on design considering:

materiales de embalaje del sector industrial
  • Product dimensions

  • Transport dimensions and fragility

  • The risks that the product-packaging system will suffer during the distribution cycle: vibrations, falls, shocks, storage time, climatic conditions.

The choice of packaging solution will be determined by the dimensions of the product, its transport and fragility, the risks during the distribution cycle and other requirements.

The most commonly used materials for industrial packaging today

From a functionality perspective, the most commonly used are these:

  • Containment material (bottles, jerry cans, drums…)

  • Materials that provide rigidity (corners, corner pieces, etc.).

  • Grouping material (grouping boxes, shrink film, etc.).

  • Cushioning material (airbags, EPS blocks…)

  • Point of sale (SRP, displays)

  • Light-shielding materials (shielding materials, etc.)

  • Shelf-life extension materials (barrier materials, active packaging…)

In tertiary packaging, it is common to use plastic or metal slings or straps for bundling, as well as covers to protect from the weather, dust, sun, and even pests.
The most common materials are:
  • Plastic: Plastic used in wrapping film, blister packs, containers, or bottles.

  • Cardboard, cardboard, and paper: their main purpose is to make boxes, labels, separators, and elements that increase rigidity.

As a combination of both are multi-layer packaging, which usually have barrier properties. Wood is used in grouping pallets in structural elements and sometimes as a differentiating element in quality products.

New technologies and materials applied to modern packaging with our automated machinery

At CMB, we work with different packaging solutions and materials, always depending on the needs of your line. We have been designing and manufacturing packaging machinery and materials for industry for more than thirty years. We work with both cold and hot packaging, and we specialize in medium and large pieces for the wood, furniture, aluminium, PVC and any other type of material that is susceptible to being packaged and can be packaged with some of our machines

Furthermore, we have lines installed in our customers’ factories packing vehicle windscreens, batteries, textile rolls, irrigation hoses, metal pipes, sofas and many other types of articles.

materiales de embalaje del sector industrial

Our machinery is capable of working with different packaging materials, such as basic polyethylene film, bubble film, stretch film, cardboard in reels, kraft paper and can even combine them, offering the maximum degree of protection for the products.

We have always been committed to innovation and the development of new technologies and automated industrial packaging machines, to the point of developing 6 different series of machinery:

Cold packaging

Hot packaging

If you have any questions or need detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study the needs of your production line, until we find the optimal and most suitable packaging solution.

You can do so by calling (+34) 93 636 14 16 or by sending an email to [email protected]. You also have the option of filling in our enquiry form, and you will hear from one of our sales staff as soon as possible.