packaging machine ERL-30-EXPRESS

Characteristics of our industrial rotating packaging machine ERL-30-EXPRESS

The ERL-30-EXPRESS is our special high-performance model designed for the continuous packaging of all types of profiles and mouldings whether made of wood, aluminium, steel, PVC etc.

With the EXPRESS version and the configurable version, we are looking at a packaging machine designed to apply recyclable polyethene stretch film, which wraps around the products that pass through its rotating crown.

This crown, unlike all other versions on the market, is the only one that is serrated, reinforced and mounted with high-strength ball bearings that allow it to pack hundreds of thousands of packages as if it were the first day. We have proven evidence of machines installed in customer plants, with millions of packages packed without the slightest problem of wear and fatigue in their rotating crown. This is why here at CMB we consider this rotating mechanism the true heart of the machine.

This mechanism is such a precise and perfect mechanical element that its use is common in the aeronautical industry, with the demands of reliability and durability that this entails.

The serrated mechanism is extremely precise, despite its large wingspan, so that the manoeuvre of rotating and packing at the same time is a perfectly harmonious operation between all the components involved in the packaging process.

Undoubtedly, this type of rotating serrated crown is the strong point of this machine; every customer who knows the system values it, as it should be. Consequently, our customers who own these machines are always extremely satisfied and don’t hesitate to let us know whenever the opportunity arises, which motivates us at CMB to continue manufacturing, improving and perfecting this type of product.

ERL-30-EXPRESS: maximum production, minimum cost and great protection for the products

If we look a little more at its general characteristics, we will see that it’s an automatic packaging machine for profiles and mouldings, with a wraparound rotating head and stretch film.

It’s a compact machine made up of the input table, the central part with the wraparound rotating crown and the output table. The product is deposited on the entry table, after setting the vertical rollers, it’s pushed until the driving rollers collect the product and the machine automatically performs the entire packaging process, according to the chosen settings.

This machine is designed to pack profiles and mouldings in wood, aluminium, PVC or any other material.

Main benefits of this packaging machine

  • Adaptable packaging system to achieve the lowest possible consumption cost

  • Its wraparound serrated crown has been designed to achieve maximum reliability and a higher production rate.

  • Its monoblock form and simple installation make it easy to move.

CMB: a company specialized in the development and manufacture of packaging machinery

This is just one of our packaging machines, but on this website, you will find all the models in our catalogue, for both cool and hot packaging, and in different materials.

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When the time comes to make an investment like this, it’s completely normal to have doubts or questions about productivity, energy efficiency or operation, among other basic aspects.

If you would like some personalized advice, just give us a call on (+34) 93 636 14 16, send us an email to [email protected], or fill out the following form in an instant and you will hear from us shortly.

In any case, it’s true that the so-called Industry 4.0 and the automation of industrial processes entail a long list of advantages and are here to stay. Betting on the digitalization and automation of your packaging plant will increase the quality of packaging, plant productivity rates, energy efficiency and consumption, as well as occupational safety throughout the facility.

In short, you will do more, in less time, better and more safely and profitably. Isn’t it worth considering?