As specialists in the design and manufacture of integral packaging solutions, CMB would like to show you all the advantages of horizontal and cold packaging, focusing on our ERL and COOLPACK machines. 

Within the integral packaging solutions that we provide, these two models stand out when it comes to horizontal cold packaging. In both cases, these machines are designed to automate and optimize a packaging plant, making it faster, more productive and safer in equal parts.

These two machines, as well as all CMB’s industrial packaging machinery, are equipped with innovative technology, which will allow your packaging plant to take a leap into the future, since they will allow you to work with different materials and in an uninterrupted way, with all the advantages that this entails.

Complete packaging solutions: 3 advantages of our horizontal packaging machines

Within the integral packaging solutions that we offer from CMB, horizontal packaging machines have certain advantages, among which the following 3 stand out:

Greater efficiency

First, it should be noted that the horizontal arrangement of these horizontal packaging machines will allow you to pack faster and more productively, as while one item is moving along the packaging line, another can be placed on the initial table to start the process, being able to pack more than one product at the same time.

Automated process

On the other hand, all the horizontal packaging machinery we design is automatic, which means less personnel, more safety and a higher quality in the final result, since errors are minimized to the maximum, being a profitable investment and, eventually, necessary for any company that has its production plant.

High degree of versatility

Finally, we would like to highlight its high degree of versatility, being able to pack products of different sizes, formats, and measurements on the same line.

Get to know in detail our two models of horizontal packaging machines

ERL: efficiency and cost reduction

The ERL is a packaging machine designed for large products such as furniture, doors, and windows. The truth is that there is a wide variety of items that can be packaged with this model, using stretch film and with high levels of efficiency, which drastically reduces the costs of the material applied.

COOLPACK: maximum protection and low-energy consumption

COOLPACK is a model capable of combining bubble with stretch film, achieving a very high degree of protection, without forgetting its high production capacity, the quality of the final result and its low-energy consumption.

Like the ERL model, it has been designed to pack all types of furniture, doors, home accessories and many other items. In addition, it allows you to customize the finishes and achieve excellent results with a wide variety of products.

The SUPER-P module: Do you need a superlative degree of protection?

With SUPER P, we present a complementary module for these two machines, which increases both your productivity and the degree of protection of the final result, as you can combine a multitude of packaging materials in superimposed layers, which until now could not be combined.

It offers the possibility of using two types of packaging: completely wrapping the product or treating only the top side (the front and back sides are also protected).

In both cases, the result is exceptional and the degree of protection is superlative. In addition, the second option provides significant savings in consumables, making this packaging module one of the most efficient on the market today.

Integral packaging solutions

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Integral packaging solutions

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