Kraft paper for packaging is a very versatile type of paper that is increasingly used in industry. It can be seen in countless industrial products, thanks to new ecological trends and the need to reduce pollution and opt for more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and machinery.

Kraft paper is made from wood fibre cellulose raw materials and, compared to other paper alternatives, offers not only more elasticity but also more durability.

Also called wood paper due to its natural colour and without inks, Kraft paper is produced from a combination of wood fibre, cellulose pulp and natural materials, which gives it a great elasticity and durability.

A fully biodegradable paper with no bleaching products 

In essence, it is a paper made from renewable raw materials, fully recyclable and biodegradable. Wood waste from sawmills dedicated to the furniture or construction industry (shavings, strips, and trimmings) or from the maintenance of sustainably managed forests (bark, stumps, forest, and thinning residues) are used in its manufacture. It is obtained through an industrial process that does not contain bleaching products and is therefore less polluting.

What are the advantages of kraft paper in packaging? 

Thanks to its technical structure, kraft packaging paper does not suffer from scratches and cracks and allows for a stretchable structure to tightly cover products of various sizes. In addition, it is more economical compared to other packaging methods such as stretch film, nylon, or polyethylene. “Kraft” in German means “strength”.

The most effective packaging process is complemented by kraft paper tape, which is recommended for its strong adhesive mass on kraft paper. It is safe to complete the packaging and easy to unpack.


Introducing the COOLPACK-KF Series. An industrial packaging machine prepared to work automatically with a new material, the aforementioned Kraft paper.

The new COOLPACK-KF is designed and prepared to use a sandwich material formed by this paper and bubble polyethylene, achieving a final quality and a very high degree of protection. On the other hand, it gives an aesthetic, category, and value to the final product that will surprise your customers from the first moment they receive the product.

Available in different sizes, this allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each plant or customer.

papel kraft para embalaje
papel kraft para embalaje

After numerous trials and tests, we have come up with a new solution for the welding process of sheets of different qualities and material characteristics. As we already did when developing the wire-free welding heads and platens, this welding head is compatible with the use of kraft paper. We believe that this is just the starting signal for a new era in automatic and in-line application of protective materials.

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