If you have a furniture manufacturing company, we have a huge amount to offer you in 2021

The furniture sector, one of the most important sectors for CMB, has maintained a high rate of sales throughout the COVID era, so the outlook for the sector is good. 

Furthermore, after 1 year without trade fairs, there will be high expectations for LIGNA 2021, the leading trade fair of the wood and furniture sector in which CMB has had a presence since it started. It will be held in the city of Hanover (Germany) between 27th September 27 and 1st October 2021.  

As in recent years, the latest developments in packaging machinery in 2021 will be related to looking after the environment and reducing the impact left by the carbon footprint, which is the current benchmark.

Ligna Trade Fair 2020 inside image

This is why, at CMB, we have prepared our machines to work with fully recyclable polyethylene film for years. We are committed, not just to the environment, but also to the improvement and productivity of our customers. As a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing automated packaging machinery, we improve our machines year after year in terms of energy efficiency, but without forgetting productivity, profitability, quality and efficiency.

A world market of innovations for the wood industry: an ideal setting to display our machines for furniture manufacturing companies

Feria Ligna 2021

The Ligna Trade Fair 2021 is a leader for the wood sector; we are talking about a space of 132,000 m² with more than 1500 exhibitors and, in its last edition, it attracted ninety thousand visitors. 

After the pandemic that we have had to endure, the entire sector is looking forward to returning to normality, and at CMB we believe that this trade fair is a wonderful opportunity to present all of the innovations of our machines, to expand our portfolio of customers and international contacts and, ultimately, show the world and the sector everything that we have prepared or developed for 2021.

The trade fair will have seven different areas focussed on different areas of the wood industry

1- Wood energy: generation and use of decentralised energy: from the generation of process energy in the wood industry to its use for heating and generating electricity.

2-Production of wood-based material: at LIGNA you will find machines, systems and auxiliary materials for the production of wood materials, materials similar to wood and composite materials: chipboard, MDF, OSB, CPL, HPL and veneers

3- Machines and systems for forestry production and round wood: the attention focuses on modern forestry technology and optimised wood extraction processes, the use of wood material and energy,  mobile sawmills, logistics and transport, as well as large forestry equipment with accessories.

4- Automation and all types of machinery components: in the wake of Industry 4.0, the components of machinery and automation technology play an important role. Here they exhibit efficient drive solutions, control technology for CNC machines, efficient transport and handling solutions that save energy, as well as powerful robots.

5- Surface technology: sustainable technology, digitalisation, the creation of networks and automation are the themes of wood processing and, therefore, LIGNA. One of the central themes of LIGNA 2021 is the Woodworking Transformation.

6- Sawmill technology: from the log yard to the cutting, classification, drying and energy generation required for it.

7- Tools, machines and systems for one-off and series production: all of the aspects of processing of the different materials, from the solid timber to wood materials, plastics and composite materials. LIGNA shows how craftsmanship and industry can grow together when they use technologies.


At CMB, as manufacturers of automated packaging machinery, and being specialists in the packaging of wooden products and furniture of medium and large sizes, we have a high expectation and a great deal of interest in attending this important event.  

On the other hand, if you would like more information about our industrial packaging machines, both for hot and cold working, you can ask us by calling (+34) 93 636 14 16 or by completing the form in our contact section.  If you have a company that requires a packaging process, choosing our machines will revolutionise your company in terms of packaging quality, productivity, energy efficiency and the final rating of your product for your customers.