Why do companies need to automate their packaging lines?

With the advent of Industry 4.0, companies have been forced to revolutionise their operational techniques with technologies that improve and integrate their personnel and assets. Packaging machinery is no stranger to these changes and is moving towards automation.

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In this respect, packaging plants must automate the packaging process, always assuring the final quality of their operation, convinced that it is a step towards a better future that is absolutely essential. 

Furthermore, the progress of commerce and technology, together with the organisation of companies, among other factors, have made packaging automation a reality and, on many occasions, a necessity. And the truth is that the implementation of such a process brings only a long list of advantages.

Advantages of automating a packaging line

  • Firstly, by opting for automation you will increase the efficiency of your workforce, while at the same time increasing the productivity of the line, with all the advantages that this entails. For example, you will be able to cope with peaks in demand without any problems. 

  • The quality of the final result will always be the best possible, eliminating possible human errors and ensuring the operators’ working hours are dedicated to those tasks that provide the most value for the company. Our machinery has been designed to mimic the movements of an operator throughout the packaging line: placing products on the conveyor belt, wrapping a pallet, strapping a load, shaping a cardboard box, putting the product inside a box and closing it… In essence, it is capable of using the same parameters of position, pressure, speed or force for all products, providing a production that is always consistent and with an exceptional finish. 

  • In automated packaging lines, everything is calculated to perfection: production times, amount of material required per product… This contributes directly to the saving of consumables and packaging materials and makes the process much more efficient, resulting in an optimisation of all line costs.

The CMB machine for the automation of the packaging process

CMB has two lines of packaging machinery:

Some examples of this type of machines are shrink-wrapping machines, which help to protect and preserve your products by wrapping them with a shrink film that shrinks and moulds, depending on the volume of the product, completely surrounded by a plastic film, making the process easier. 

Additionally, wrapping machines are used, as the name suggests, to wrap loads of different sizes by applying stretch film. These machines are designed energy efficiency criteria and consumable savings, which work cold, consuming up to ten times less than a shrink-wrapping machine. And as if that were not enough, they are capable of combining two different materials: stretch film and bubble film, made of recyclable polyethylene.

Environmentally sustainable packaging machinery

All the machines we design and manufacture at CMB are designed to achieve good results not only for the production line, but also in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

If you would like to obtain more information about the models of packaging machines that we have at CMB, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation. Call us on (+34) 93 636 14 16 or write to us at [email protected] and tell us what you need to pack.