With logistics 4.0 you will achieve more profitability, energy efficiency and occupational safety for the operators 

At CMB we have always been committed to innovation in packaging logistics processes, especially in the development of new technologies and materials used for it, trying to make you as a manager of a packaging plant feel satisfied and have an added value for your products.

In today’s competitive market, it is essential for all companies that want to be more productive and energy-efficient in their work to invest in logistics 4.0.

With the installation of our solutions and packaging machines, we can achieve industrial automation and digitalization of the packaging phenomenon in your plant elementary, always guaranteeing the best results at the best possible price.

Key points of packaging for logistics 4.0 

Logistics 4.0 is a management concept that aims to achieve total integration of logistics processes by interconnecting all the factors involved in a packaging chain, relying on new technologies and industrial automation at every stage of the chain.

It is of vital importance for us to give priority to the computerization and automation of the tasks we carry out through all kinds of innovations in our packaging machines and processes, as well as placing special emphasis on always achieving the highest possible profitability.

Logistics 4.0: What will our industrial packaging machines and solutions bring to you? 

At CMB we have two different lines of industrial packaging machinery; the first one is made up of equipment specially designed to work with cold and the second one is made up of all our machines to work with heat.

At CMB, we have a catalogue of state-of-the-art packaging equipment and systems, specially designed to optimize a furniture packaging line in a fully automated way, seeking the highest profitability and the best experience for our customers.

Example of machinery for logistics 4.0: our ERL rotary wrap-around case packer

The rotary wrap-around packer has the advantage of having an expansive range of products that can potentially be packaged with stretch film, and it also works with a reduced cost of the applied material, which means a significant improvement in terms of profitability.

The stretch film of the rotary packer allows the packaging of stacked packs, with a greater guarantee of hold. The packaging process is much more economical than shrink wrapping because energy consumption is lower, and it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packaged. 

Its operation is basic: the product is placed centred on the infeed conveyor table and the packaging process starts automatically. The product passes through the rotating crown and is spirally packed by the film placed on the crown, leaving the product fully packed on all four sides and open at the front and back.

The ERL is a packaging machine designed to increase productivity and reduce costs in equal measure, working with recyclable material and guaranteeing innovative, quality packaging for any company or industrial plant.

This is just one example of our extensive range of industrial packaging machinery. We are talking about a safe and profitable investment for any company with its product packaging line.

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