Our sofa packaging machines stand for efficiency, safety and packaging quality

Don’t know us yet? CMB is a company founded in 1986 dedicated to the manufacture of machines for automated packaging. The company has different types of packaging solutions that are perfectly adapted to the needs and objectives of the customer, the product and the plant. We have two different lines, one for working with cold and the other for working with heat. We also design customised modules and are able to cover an increasingly wider range of products and sizes over time without any problems.

máquina para hacer packaging

Packaging machines for sofas and other large furniture

COOLPACK Packaging machine

At CMB there are several types of machines with a cold packing system. One of them is the COOLPACK packing machine. It is a packaging machine designed to automate the packaging process of furniture and sofas in a fully automated way.

It consists of an infeed table, a sealing head, an intermediate table, a rotating crown with an integral transport system and an outfeed table.

máquina para hacer packaging

In terms of materials, this model combines bubble film with stretch film, achieving a high degree of hold and protection at the same time, all with low energy consumption and a highly optimised usage of both materials. This machine is an excellent, cost-effective investment for a company that wants to improve and optimise its sofa and furniture packaging line.

ERB shrink-wrapper

When heat is used in the packaging process it allows the polyethylene film to shrink and thus adhere to the product or object being wrapped. This provides better protection and a better aesthetic finish to the packaging, allowing you to see what is inside.

At CMB there are several types of machines with a heat wrapping system. One of them is the ERB or shrink-wrapping machine

It consists of two packaging modules: EB (sealing head) and RB (shrink tunnel). It was designed to work with and optimise industrial packaging with heat shrink film, allowing a visualisation of the final product. A wide variety of products can be protected: any type of furniture, including sofas, wood, mattresses, accessories, textiles… The machine works as follows: it starts by placing the product in the centre of the infeed conveyor table. 

The packaging process is done automatically or operated by a foot pedal and then the product passes through a curtain of film sheets which are glued together at their ends. The sealing head descends to seal the film sheet from the top to the bottom, leaving the pack closed at the front and rear ends, but leaving the sides open. When it enters the shrink tunnel chamber, the heat causes the film to shrink and shrink to fit the product, wrapping it and leaving it fully packaged and ready to be handled.

máquina para hacer packaging

Once again, this is a packaging machine that represents a great investment for any plant or factory that intends to enter fully into the process of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 that we have been experiencing over the last few years.

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