Nowadays, having a packaging machine for medium and large products is a necessity for many companies. Within the wide packaging market, it is always essential to have the right machinery to provide a quality and guaranteed service for your customers.

At CMB we are aware of this premise and for this reason, we have allocated all our technological resources to provide our customers with a packaging machine for medium and large products, such as the ERL 150 Express. 

The advantages of this equipment will mean a series of benefits for you and your company, so we invite you to learn more about its features.

What is the ERL-150- EXPRESS? Packaging machine for medium and large-sized products

First, it is a machine designed for the packaging of bulky products, which is relevant for an important market sector such as wood, furniture and aluminium, thus protecting goods of large dimensions. 

In this respect, the ERL-150-EXPRESS is CMB’s automatically operated rotary wrap-around case packer with a giant rotating head that ensures the installation of a recyclable polyethylene stretch film. Its heavy-duty mechanism is also suitable for long working days without reducing the performance of the machine and without significantly shortening its service life.

packaging machine for medium and large products
packaging machine for medium and large products

This is mainly because, at CMB, we have equipment manufactured according to the strictest quality standards, which guarantee the robustness and durability of our equipment. 

The performance of the ERL-150-EXPRESS is not only subject to its capacity and features, but also to what it can offer our customers in the short and long term. Precisely, this packaging machine starts from the basic operation of other similar models, but providing a series of advantages that make it an excellent choice in the market.

How does this packaging machine work for medium and large products?

Like other rotary wrapping machines, the desired object must be introduced on the conveyor table so that it can be properly wrapped by the rotating crowns with its respective stretchable film. 

This is basically what is expected of this type of machine, although the most important feature of the ERL-150-EXPRESS is that it works well with medium and large products, thus targeting another market sector that traditionally does not have such benefits.

Moreover, with this machine, you will also be able to pack stacked packages on all four sides by implementing a spiral mechanism that ensures the product is held in place. In general, the ERL-150-EXPRESS resorts to the stabilization of the product to perform a more adequate function, focusing its performance towards a uniform packaging that covers the entire surface of the products except the ends that, if their total closure is necessary, will require the incorporation of an initial welding module, turning the ERL into a COOLPACK, always depending on the packaging needs of the customer’s product. 

With this in mind, at CMB, we start from an integral design of the ERL-150-EXPRESS so that it can meet these requirements from the first application.

packaging machine for medium and large products

What other benefits can this package machine offer for medium and large products?

Under the premise of process automation, the ERL-150-EXPRESS allows significant cost reductions compared to other packaging machines because it uses quality materials with minimum energy costs, making it very cost-effective to use. 

The implementation of its recyclable polyethylene stretch film instead of other shrinkable materials means significant energy savings and is the guarantee that it will fulfil its purpose in the packaging of medium and large-sized products. Furthermore, its lower energy consumption will always benefit our customers’ businesses.

On the other hand, its capacity to pack medium and large products is its most decisive characteristic, but not the only one conferred by its design. In this sense, the ERL-150-EXPRESS has the capacity to accept parcels of different sizes, making it a versatile machine that can be adapted to different dimensions. This is essential, since, also in terms of savings, it allows you to pack packages of different sizes with just one application in the form of recyclable polyethylene stretch film.

Finally, it is so solidly built that it will give you years of continuous operation and guarantee the quality that precedes it. The ERL-150-EXPRESS is also easy to install and move around, so you can relocate it whenever and wherever you need it without fearing a decrease in performance. 

Count on CMB machinery to pack your products

At CMB we take care of all the details to generate confidence in our customers, and there is no better way to do this than by offering them adaptable machinery as appropriate, since the requirements may be different in each case.

Undoubtedly, this packaging machine for medium and large products meets the highest quality standards. We invite you to find out more about this and other machines in our extensive catalogue. You can call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16 or write to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!