We have exported our packaging machines all over the planet

Throughout our history as manufacturers of packaging machinery, we have carried out exports and installations in many parts of the continent and the planet, always guaranteeing both the transport and installation are performed in optimum conditions.

For example, our machines are packaged in a specific and special way when we have to send them to our international customers, since the use of a container is usually necessary for sea transport; in most cases, the machines are placed on pallets, platforms and wooden boxes or even cages, whose wood has previously been heat treated against parasites that may develop during the journeys as a result of the humidity of the environment.

embalaje de nuestros productos para exportar

Once the wood has been treated, the machine or different machine parts that are going to be transported are placed on top, and they are fixed and secured on the wooden surface so they don’t move.  These platforms will help both the entrance of the goods into the containers as well as the exit from the inside of these containers using forklifts, and they can be full containers of 20 or 40 feet, or shared as groupage with other goods.  

Full containers are usually used, without sharing, to guarantee the good condition and securing of the load inside them.

With the machines secured and inside the container, we wrap everything with recyclable polyethylene film

Once the machines are positioned and secured on their bases, they are wrapped with thick and recyclable sheets of polyethylene to protect them from dust and external agents, and the “vacuum” packing process begins using air extraction pumps, leaving the package completely wrapped, airtight and sealed to guarantee its arrival in perfect condition, since it can be at sea for periods of up to one month due to the type of transport chosen.
Using the correct and most suitable maritime packaging is extremely important so the machines reach their destination without suffering any imperfections and without exterior rust marks or other types of aggressions caused by the damaging weather conditions. Our objective is always the same; a satisfied customer thanks to packaging carried out in optimum conditions.

Other interesting information about our way of working and our company of automated packaging machinery

We always like to emphasise that the use of our packaging machines increases the yearly savings of energy and consumables considerably, for different reasons. 

Firstly, it is a very serious and viable alternative to using cardboard for packaging large products, with a large reduction in the staff required to achieve the defined productivity rates, as well as the amount of space a packaging plant requires for the use and, above all, the storage of that cardboard. 

Moreover, the product packaging material that our machinery works with is fully recyclable polyethylene; we also designed it following the strictest standards of environmental quality, sustainability and efficiency.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to request more information or a detailed quote about any of our automatic industrial packaging machines.  Furthermore, if you are unsure, we can also help you to find the type of machine that is best suited to your requirements, according to the characteristics of your plant, since we have models for cold or hot working, and with specific features depending on each model

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With our latest generation machinery, your plant will take a leap towards the future!

packaging of our products for export