Packaging techniques: What should you consider for this new year?





Trends, systems and new materials are leading to a real revolution within the world of packaging in 2020.


Something very important to take into account is the development of all types of sustainable containers that do not generate large amounts of plastic waste. The growing concern for the conservation of the environment that exists in a large part of our society has led companies to invest large amounts of money in the development of new sustainable materials and packaging techniques: reusable containers, bioplastics based on chitin, ecological materials …




Packaging that allows to visualize the product in its entirety


This will be another of the most popular trends and packaging techniques in 2020. The packaging solutions that allow you to see the product before opening it are the ones that will gradually conquer the market. This is because within the wave of ethical and sustainable consumption in which we are submerged, one of the most awarded values ​​by consumers is honesty, which is directly associated with this type of packaging.


The size of the package matters: it will always be reduced depending on the packaged product


This is a fact. With the passage of time, more and more companies reduce the size of their packaging to the minimum expression, adapting to the forms of consumption of their target audience. This reduces the number of waste generated and adjusts production costs.


There are times that less, it is more: labels must be made simple and fair with the necessary information


The label is the first thing that identifies the product with your company or your brand image. Do not complicate trying to fill it with information that is not relevant to consumers. Take advantage of them by putting only the information that is really essential and use other elements such as the right color or graphics to increase the level of customer satisfaction.


As you have seen, the new trends and packaging techniques for 2020 are loaded with values ​​such as ethics or sustainability, always in line with the progress of new technologies. We hope we have helped you!