At CMB, we have been specialists in furniture packaging for more than thirty-five years 

As a company, CMB has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-performance horizontal packaging machinery for medium and large-sized products since 1986, with a high degree of specialization within the wood and furniture sector. Our extensive experience allows us to advise our customers on the steps to be considered before packaging a piece of furniture or wooden product.

Nowadays, as time goes by, we increasingly find that the volume and quantity of products that need to be exported on a large scale around the world is higher and higher. For this reason, for some time now, our company has been concerned to place special emphasis on the need to ensure that the exported material retains its properties and is free from any damage that may arise during the journey.

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This is achieved by working in an automated way and using materials that guarantee the highest possible degree of protection, such as bubble or stretch film.

How to pack a wooden product correctly 

Regarding wooden furniture, it is necessary to know the exact characteristics of the product and, from there, to select the correct packaging and machinery to use.

The objective is to protect those areas that are more sensitive to being hit -mainly the corners, where it will also be necessary to place corner pieces or cardboard corner protectors, according to the size of the furniture-.

Machinery for packing furniture and wood products 

At CMB, we have specialized machinery to automate the packaging process of this type of furniture or wood products. We would like to show you two of our cold work machines, the COOLPACK and the ERL, capable of offering high production rates, as well as great energy efficiency. This makes them a profitable and safe investment for any company that has decided to have its packaging plant.


We start with the ERL, a machine specialized in the automated packaging of large furniture.

The stretch film of this rotary packer allows the packaging of stacked packs with a greater guarantee of fastening. It is also important to highlight that the packaging process is much more economical than shrink wrapping because energy consumption is lower, and it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the product. This is a packaging machine especially designed to increase productivity and reduce costs.


It is designed to offer the best possible protection to the furniture thanks to its double insulation.

It has a system that works with not just one, but two polyethylene wrapping materials, which are also recyclable: the bubble film that helps to cushion and the stretch film that is essential for fastening.

In addition, this machinery is even more attractive due to its ease of operation and low maintenance requirements, which in turn results in reduced costs and savings in electricity consumption.

In essence, with this type of machinery, more work is done in less time, increasing productivity, finishing quality and energy efficiency in equal measure.

Other special features of our specialized wood product packaging machines 

Both options are particularly convenient when adding corner protectors, as they allow the incorporation of a lifting table for placing the corner protectors, which is placed before the packaging line.

In this way, the operator effortlessly lifts the piece of furniture, no matter how heavy it is, and places the corner protectors at all points quickly and ergonomically.

Our goal is to achieve an efficient working system with maximum protection in the transport and logistics operations of the packaged goods, with greater savings and improved productivity in the process.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at our email [email protected], our telephone number (+34) 93 636 14 16 or by filling in our form, where we will try to solve any doubt as soon as possible.