Designed to optimise space while offering high energy efficiency

 two-way table

In this post we will explain all the characteristics and strengths of our MB two-way tables, specially designed to further improve and optimise our industrial packaging machines and models.

The MB two-way table is a brilliant solution with two very specific and also very profitable purposes. Its optimal use of space, especially in the corners of factories that choose our equipment, and its ability to minimise electricity consumption during the processes of packaging the products manufactured by our clients.

Originally, this option was born from the problems raised by door manufacturers regarding their packaging. 

Due to production capacity, many of them had to pack the doors in a transverse direction to use one or at most two reels of recyclable polyethylene film, depending on the height of the doors. The differences were always less than if they were packed length ways, since the widths of the doors varied more than the heights, and they were forced to work with different measures of film.

Furthermore, the side seams of the “length ways” packed doors were always less aesthetic than those of the “width” packed doors.

Packing the doors “width ways” required the packaging machines to be equipped with a transverse heat tunnel, as well as a very wide heat chamber with high electrical consumption. This was a serious problem for factories that did not have a big daily production of doors.

This is where our MB two-way tables came in. They meant that, once the door passed through the station for placing the film “width ways”, the door would change direction entering a tunnel with a standard width and with a much lower consumption than the tunnels made to work with wide pieces placed transversely.

These two-way tables are perfect for placing in the corner of the factory to save space

Furthermore, changing the direction of the piece that is being packed allows the packing machine to be positioned in a corner of the facility, saving space or, rather, optimising as much as possible the m² available for factory production.

First it was the doors, but already today, our MB are being used for practically all recyclable polyethylene film packaging, in most products.

Our catalogue also has the fastest door wrapper on the market

We would like to show you one of our most productive and efficient wrappers for wrapping doors: the ERB-280/30. This model is designed to pack doors transversally or width ways, thus achieving a very high production capacity. It is currently considered the fastest door wrapper on the market.

If you decide to take the step of installing one of our machines in your packaging plant, together with the two-way table, you will benefit from a number of different advantages. You will save human resources and less qualified personnel, allowing you to allocate the full potential of your workers to tasks that add much more value to the business.

You will work more in less time, increasing both your productivity and your turnover. You will work in a much more sustainable, efficient and ecological way, complying with the strictest environmental quality standards. You can customise the finishes of your packaging with all kinds of graphics, images and logos and can also have custom packaging for each of your products …

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