The ERB-280 /30 model: speed, efficiency and productivity in abundance

At CMB we present you the ERB-280 / 30 door wrapping machine, considered the fastest transversal automated door wrapping machine on today’s market.

This wrapping machine uses polyethylene heat shrink wrap film which can be fully recycled to wrap the products. The polyethylene shrink wrap film, with heat, contracts and acts like a strap on the product to be wrapped, protecting it from dust, water and other external elements that could damage it. This film gives the final result an extra degree of security and unbeatable protection.

These characteristics make the material ideal for protecting a wide range of products: doors, all types of furniture, wood, bedsteads, textiles, profiles and closings… 

The ERB-280 /30 wrapping machine: general operating characteristics as an automated wrapping system

wrapping systems

This model has been especially designed for wrapping doors transversally or widthways, obtaining an extremely high production capacity with an excellent optimisation of energy costs during the work process. 

Furthermore, this specific model, the ERB 280/30, can also be installed with a bidirectional table; in other words, it incorporates a middle table with bidirectional belts, so the direction of entry of the product can be changed in the shrink tunnel.

This enables us to optimise the consumption of film whilst, with a narrower shrink tunnel, we also obtain a lower electricity consumption but also a lower production capacity than the one that can operate transversally.

In general, it is a wrapping machine characterised for its robustness, easy handling and having barely any maintenance tasks.

wrapping systems

Personalised finishes of the highest quality: capture your customers’ attention from the moment they receive the products

The first thing customers see is the packaging of your products. Giving them personalised and the highest quality finishes will increase the degree of satisfaction and, as a result, the reputation of your brand or company. 

In today’s market we can find a wide range of companies that sell very similar products. Competition is fierce and, for that reason, it is important to look for and be committed to whatever provides value and gets your products to stand out. 

Achieving it through the design and use of quality packaging, with aesthetic and effective finishes, is one of the most efficient and profitable methods, given that it allows consumers to detect a brand almost automatically, it is a sign of commitment and the quality of the product, and this always increases the company’s reputation.

Other advantages of our automatic wrapping systems

CMB packaging systems are a very serious alternative to the use of cardboard to package any type of product, given that with their installation you will no longer need all of the space required for storage, whilst also greatly reducing the handling process of the products to be packaged. 

In addition, and this is an important point, supported by different studies, since the carbon footprint, which is the scale by which the impact caused by human activities on the environment is measured, is higher when cardboard is used in the packaging process than when recyclable polyethylene film is used, like the one used by our machines.  

If you decide to take the plunge and install one of our machines in your factory, you will automatically benefit from a long list of advantages: making savings in human resources and the least skilled staff, being able to allocate all of your workers’ potential to tasks that provide much more value for the company; it will do more work in less time, increasing both your productivity and billing; it will work much more sustainably, efficiently and ecologically, meeting the strictest environmental quality standards and increasing the company’s reputation. Why not think about it and go for it?

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