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At CMB we offer different automated industrial packaging solutions depending on the physical characteristics of your facilities, as well as the characteristics of the product to be transported. With faster and more customisable machinery, adapted to the customer’s needs, changes on the fly or market peaks are easier and more streamlined. 

Our equipment can work with different types of packaging for furniture and wood, as well as different materials such as film or bubble wrap, among others. In addition, thanks to this type of machine, the amount of consumables used is drastically reduced and the use of cardboard is eliminated, with all the environmental benefits that this entails. In short, opting for our machinery means opting for greater productivity, safety and energy efficiency for your plant and for your staff. It is to opt for a cleaner, safer and more modern industry; the industry of the future. 

What industrial machinery for furniture packaging do we offer at CMB?

CMB has two lines of packaging machinery, cold and hot. Here are the main features of each type.

Cold packaging: main features and strengths

We have three different models of machines for cold working. This technology is based on the use and automation of all packaging techniques and processes that do not require a heat source to perform their task. The most commonly used material for this is polyethylene film, a recyclable and ecological material with ideal properties for packaging products. This material is perfect for tying, wrapping and protecting objects in a simple and very streamlined way, with excellent results in terms of safety and fastening, for all packaged products, guaranteeing that they reach their destination without suffering any damage. Our equipment for automated cold packaging is the ERL, the COOLPACK and the SUPER P module. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation and to answer any questions you may have. 

Hot Packing: main features and strengths

The difference between heated packaging and cold packaging lies in the techniques used during the packaging process and the different treatments and processes given to the packaging material. Although recyclable polyethylene is always used, the reactions of this type of material, depending on whether heat or stretching by mechanical traction is applied, are totally different, giving rise to different types of finishes.

The heat incorporated in the packaging process allows the polyethylene film to shrink and cling to the product being wrapped. 

In this way, it holds better, offers better protection and a better aesthetic finish to the packaging, even allowing you to see what is inside.

CMB has three different shrink wrapping machines, the ERB, the COMBO and the ERS, which allow us to provide solutions to all the current needs of the industry, our customers and their products. All three use packaging systems suitable for a wide variety of products of different sizes.

Find the best choice of industrial machinery packaging in CMB

If you would like more information about our solutions and types of packaging for furniture and wood products, do not hesitate to contact CMB. Our sales department will help you with the purchasing process and will recommend which machine is the most suitable according for your needs.

You can call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16 or write to us at [email protected], whichever you prefer. We will be happy to help you!