What is the difference between cold packaging and hot packaging?

Hot-packing differs from cold-packing in the techniques used during the packaging process and the different treatments given to the packaging material.

Although it is always recyclable polyethylene, the reactions of this type of material, depending on whether it is heated or stretched by mechanical traction, are fundamentally different, giving rise to different types of finishes.

The heat incorporated in the packaging process allows the polyethylene film to shrink and cling to the product being wrapped. In this way, it holds better, offers greater protection and a better aesthetic finish to the packaging, even allowing you to see what is inside.

Which industries require hot packs? 

CMB has three different hot packaging machines, which allow us to provide solutions to all the current needs of the industry, our customers, and their products. All three use packaging systems suitable for a wide variety of medium and large products.

ERB — Shrink Wrapping Machine

This is an industrial wrapping machine designed to achieve high production rates, offering excellent wrapping quality, together with a very competitive cost.

When the film comes into contact with heat, it shrinks and exerts a banding effect on the product, protecting it and totally isolating it from dust, water, and other external aggressions.

It is a very robust and efficient machine, which only stops the product to be packaged once during the whole process to seal the film, and which allows you to finish the packaging with customized finishes, using plastics with specific characteristics, in different colours or even with your brand logo printed on them.

The shrink wrapper consists of two packaging modules: EB (sealing head) and RB (shrink tunnel). It has been designed to work and optimize industrial packaging with heat shrink film, allowing a good visualization of the final product and, at the same time, a high output at a very competitive cost.


This machine has an industrial packaging system designed to wrap products in an intelligent, continuous and efficient way, being able to detect the dimensions of the product and using the right reel and the right amount of film at every moment.

It calculates the size of the product and makes the corresponding real change so that the packaging is perfectly adapted, and the final result is optimal. This avoids excess film surpluses, thus reducing costs and making production much faster and more efficient.

ERS — Overlap shrink wrapping machine

This industrial shrink wrapping machine uses a state-of-the-art process that will provide you with a long list of advantages. It is ideal for flat parts with the same or very similar regular shapes and long lengths.

It provides an excellent view of the product; it guarantees really high outputs thanks to the fact that the transport table makes only one stop during the entire process; it is characterized by its robustness and the fact that it does not require a lot of maintenance. With the overlap shrink packer, we present an automatic packaging system designed to work with shrink film and overlap bottom sealing for high-quality finishes.

The installation consists of an infeed table, a sealing head and a set of metal blades with film, an intermediate table and a shrink tunnel.

It is an ideal system for all those companies or packaging plants that need to obtain a total visualization of the product, optimizing production times, adjusting costs to the maximum and increasing their added value.

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