The packaging machine is the central core of a packaging system. The packaging is the final layer that covers a product on top of the packaging and ensures that it is safely maintained during all steps of the industrial and commercial process, such as transport, distribution, and storage.

Our company has more than thirty years of experience designing and manufacturing packaging machinery for furniture and wood products in series, state-of-the-art and prepared to work with different materials.

How is an industrial packaging machine like ours manufactured and installed? 

First, it must be ensured that the personnel who are going to carry out the task have been trained in the safety standards of both the machine and the plant to be able to carry out the assembly steps of the industrial packaging machine.

First, the floor has to be marked (with a tape measure) to know where the machine will be placed and what its measurements will be. This ensures that the path that will be used to transport the equipment from the loading container to the installation point is completely clear.

The package should then be placed on the platform, with the machine positioned as close as possible to the container.
montaje de maquinaria de embalaje industrial
The load should not be transferred until the forklift is in the correct position where the machine can pull safely. The chains are then attached with the towing rings on the platform.

The same process is then carried out for the entrance. Then the machine’s shrink oven is established, using a crane for this. This weighs quite a lot, so it must be manufactured with fastening rings that are located on the sides for later assembly.

And the last steps would be to provide the greatest security to the process, being the levelling, the anchoring, the wiring and the PLC programming of the machine.

 Once installed… How does the packaging process of a cold work packaging machine work? 

To explain how it works, we will take our COOLPACK machine as an example. The cold packaging cycle with this machine is carried out in two steps: first a bag is created (bubble film, polyethylene, etc.), leaving the product inside. The bag is then wrapped in stretch film, leaving the product in question fully protected. Finally, the product is placed on the incoming conveyor table.

 Once installed… How does the packaging process of a hot packaging machine work? 

In this case, we will look at our shrink wrapping machine to explain how the shrink wrapping process works on our heat wrapping machine. On the other hand, the packaging cycle is operated automatically or by a foot pedal. The package is then passed through a curtain of film sheets which are welded together at the ends.

At the same time, the sealing head is lowered until the upper film sheet is welded to the lower film sheet. In this way, the pack is closed at the front and rear ends, but open at the sides.

When the product enters the heat shrink tunnel chamber, the film shrinks, conforms to the product and is completely closed.

Types of packaging in our machine models

montaje de maquinaria de embalaje industrial

For cold packaging, the most commonly used materials are polyethylene bubble film and polyethylene stretch film, where maximum protection is obtained as well as being currently the most recyclable and environmentally friendly type of film on the market. In both cases, it has the advantage of having a minimum energy consumption and also has a very low cost in the material applied.

On the other hand, there are two types of heat-shrinkable packaging film: heat-shrinkable polyethylene film, which allows a good visualization of the packaged product, and heat-shrinkable polyethylene film for overlap bottom sealing, which is very useful for large productions of product lines of the same or very similar dimensions. The latter generates higher quality at even more competitive prices.

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