Specialists in the development and manufacture of automated wrapping systems, both for working cold and hot

At our company you will find a national leader in the manufacture and design of packaging machinery, with a high degree of specialisation in sectors such as wood and furniture. The reality is that, over time, our presence in sectors such as the aluminium, PVC or steel sector is growing at an accelerated rate and this is now, without a doubt, another very important line of business for the company.

The automated packaging machinery that we produce has become a genuine alternative to the use of cardboard in modern industry, with the advantage that our machines enable you to save on staffing thanks to the significant reduction of the handling process of products, as well as the need and space to store cardboard. In addition, and this is an important point, supported by different studies, since the carbon footprint, which is the scale by which the impact caused by human activities on the environment is measured, is higher when cardboard is used in the packaging process than when recyclable polyethylene film is used, like the one used by our machines. 

We should highlight, and it is of great importance thanks to the different studies carried out, the effect of the carbon footprint (scale by which the impact caused by the activities of human beings on the environment is measured). It has been proven that its effect is higher when cardboard is used in the packaging process than recyclable polyethylene film, a material that our machines use. 

We have bespoke packaging machinery, both for working cold and with heat, and using materials like polyethylene film or bubble wrap,  both fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, for the automated packaging of products of medium and large dimensions. 

Furthermore, before going into more detail about the specifications of our packaging systems, it is important to highlight that all of our machines have been designed following the strictest environmental quality and sustainability standards and regulations, established by the current legislation in each country we export to and install our machines in.  

The polyethylene film that they use is fully recyclable and, therefore, no harmful plastic waste of any type is produced during their periods of inactivity with a lower impact on the carbon footprint than that produced with the use of cardboard, this being one of the great values of our company; when we design our machines, we are fully aware of the need to opt for technology which is more sustainable, ecological, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Bespoke and automated packaging systems for cold working


This is a rotating wrapper machine especially designed for automated bespoke packaging and horizontal packaging, with a wide range of products that can be packaged with polyethylene stretch film, and with special care taken of large products: large furniture items, flat-pack furniture, doors, windows, stacked panels, textiles, polystyrene, but in addition, and depending on the model and size of the machine, it is used for horizontal packaging and with a high production of metal, aluminium, PVC profiles, mouldings, blinds, pipes…

The stretch film of the rotating wrapping machine offers the highest level of support possible, along with the option of wrapping packages stacked on top of each other.  The price of the packaging is much more reasonable than if we use shrink film due to the fact that the energy consumption is lower and it does not require the size of the bobbin to be adapted to the product to be wrapped.


In this case, we are looking at a packaging machine capable of combining two different materials, the recyclable polyethylene bubble wrap with stretch film, achieving a higher degree of protection with a low energy consumption.

It is ideal for the bespoke packaging of all types of furniture, home accessories, blinds, doors and windows… 

The combination of these two materials provide the product with a double insulation, as well as a high degree of protection based on the combination of the shock-absorbing effect of the bubble wrap and the hold of the stretch film. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the latest version of this machine, the COOLPACK-KF, has been designed and prepared to use sandwich material formed by kraft paper and  polyethylene bubble wrap,  and finished with polyethylene stretch film, achieving an even higher degree of protection and giving the final result a much more aesthetically pleasing and high quality finish, increasing its value, the reputation of your company and customer satisfaction.


embalajes a medida

This is an optional module that can considerably improve the features of our wrapping machines since it offers the option of combining superimposed layers of a wide range of packaging materials, achieving a superior degree of protection.

Bespoke packaging machinery for hot working

ERB shrink wrap machine

The shrink wrap machine consists of two packaging modules, the welding head and shrink tunnel. 

It has been designed to work with heat and to wrap large products with heat shrink film, achieving a final result that enables the product to be viewed and which is extremely high quality, while also achieving a very high yield at a more than reasonable cost. It is suitable for a wide range of products: all types of furniture, wood, mattresses, textiles, profiles and closings, automotive accessories…


This packaging machine has been designed under strict criteria of energy efficiency and saving of consumables, being able to work on the same line and simultaneously with products of different dimensions and without interruptions.

It is capable of adjusting the consumption of excess film and detecting the size of each product to be wrapped, being one of our most complete and efficient bespoke installations and packaging systems.


With the overlap shrink wrapping machine, we present you an automated system, designed to work with heat shrink polyethylene film and bottom overlap welding.

It offers high quality finishes and high production rates at very competitive prices. Ideal for products that need to be seen by the end buyers with an aesthetic that matches the product being offered.

It consist of an infeed table, welding head, set of metal rods containing film, centre table and shrink tunnel.

Choosing between machines can be quite complicated. If you would like to ask us any questions about our solutions and automatic wrapping machines, you just need to complete the form that you will find on our menu, in the contact section. 

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