How can doors be packed to move them safely?

Door packaging is not a challenge with CMB machines. We are a packaging machinery company that deals with the manufacture and design of industrial packaging machinery for the optimization of production lines and with particular attention to the wood and furniture sector. 

The automation of production plants is already a reality. In this technological context, automatic packaging comes into play, a revolution that is necessary to achieve high qualitative standards. In this sense, automatic packaging is the completion of a process that closes the circle regarding achieving maximum efficiency. If you are engaged in the packaging sector and are looking for an automated solution for door packaging, we explain why to choose CMB (and automation!)

Advantages of packaging process automation

  • Increased productivity: Automatic packaging systems are customized to optimize production capacity.

  • Space-saving: the automation of the packaging process calibrates spaces with great precision. In some cases, only 10-20% of the space normally needed in the plant for manual work could be used.

  • Greater operational flexibility: with an automated system, it will no longer be a problem to manage production peaks and stops, thanks to the possibility of working 24 hours only thanks to control operators, without having to organize complex shift systems.

  • The best possible quality of the final product. Automatic packaging is the best solution that can ensure that your product reaches the end customer just as it left the production line.

Choosing an automated solution for furniture packaging in your production plant means choosing a wide variety of advantages:

door packaging

Customized solutions for door packaging

An automatic packaging system must have another important feature to be fully competitive: it must be customizable. Only a customized solution based on the specific production line can fully meet the customer’s needs. CMB offers customized door packaging solutions that consider the dimensions, materials, and requires inherent in the characteristics of each product.

Interior doors, fire, or security doors could be packed manually and then protected with a cardboard box.  However, doing so would be costly, and this is where automation comes into play. CMB door packaging machines allow you to increase productivity between 4 and 6 times than if you did that work manually.

What are the packaging solutions proposed by CMB?

CMB’s proposals for door packaging can be by shrink film or stretch film, depending on the production and finishing needs of the packaging.

Semi-artisanal door packaging

In this case, from CMB, we recommend the use of the ERV machine that packs with stretch film, placing the piece in a vertical position. It is a system that stands out for reducing the cost of the material used in packaging. It is not a system that stands out for its speed, but it is simple to use and economical.

door packaging

Industrial door packaging with maximum production

The ERL 150 Express machine is the best choice if you are looking for a horizontal door packaging proposal. It is a system that works in cold, without the need for a heat tunnel, and uses only stretch film.

door packaging

Industrial door packaging with maximum production and protection

When it comes to packing considerable amounts of doors that also require significant protection, from CMB we propose several alternatives:

door packaging
  • COOLPACK 150: automatic cold packing system machine used to place bubble polyethylene film and, on top, place a layer of stretchable polyethylene film for greater protection.

  • COOLPACK 150 + Super P: there is also the option of protecting the door with overlapping layers of other materials, such as coil cardboard.

  • ERB 150/40: is a packaging system with heat and heat shrinking polyethylene film that optimizes energy consumption and allows wrapping between 3 and 4 doors per minute. If you want to optimize production, film expenditure and energy consumption, the doors can be packed transversely with our ERB-280/30 model, thus achieving productions of up to 9 doors per minute, this being the fastest and most profitable option existing in the current market of packaging machinery.

CMB is a quality guarantee

Trust in the proposals that we offer you from CMB for the packaging of doors. If you want additional information about any of the models we have proposed, do not hesitate to contact us. The commercial team of CMB will be responsible for solving any doubt and attending you in an excellent way. Fill out the form you will find on our website or call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16.