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At CMB you will find the packaging machinery and materials for door packaging of all types. When a company or production plant needs to find the best packaging for its products, it wants it not only to meet the conditions of protection, care and preservation, but also to be within its budget. Many factors are involved in this industrial process that are directly related to the quality and efficiency of the service needed to transport and store our products.

machinery and packaging materials

For the protection of doors, CMB recommends the use of fully recyclable heat shrinkable polyethylene film. We do this because the polyethylene shrink film, with heat, shrinks and exerts a girdle effect on the product to be packaged, protecting it from dust, water, and other external elements that could damage it. This film gives the final result an unequalled extra degree of safety and protection.

What is industrial packaging?

Packaging is the protection of the product during transport or storage and is more oriented towards logistics and exports. It could be considered that the best packaging is the one that adapts to the specifications of the product and protects it in excellent conditions until it reaches its final destination. At CMB, we specialize in providing tailor-made industrial packaging solutions to ensure that your products arrive in optimum condition. We can offer you both cold packaging machinery and hot packaging machinery.

What packaging machinery and materials are used in industrial packaging?

At first, the initial objective of packaging is to protect our products from impacts, vibrations, corrosion, among others, which can vary the quality, presentation, the very essence of our products and that they arrive in perfect condition at their final destination. This is why there are different protective materials depending on the product to be transported and different types of cold and hot packaging according to the needs of transport, handling, and storage of the products.

Beyond this objective, there is also the objective of communication. There is nothing healthier when it comes to identifying products than having clear information on the outside of the packaging about handling conditions, requirements, and identification of its contents. 

Furthermore, it is important to clarify it that having advanced, and modern industrial packaging machinery helps to improve and increase the whole production process of your company, adding a plus of professionalism, quality and providing a significant value for your brand. Packaging is the first thing customers will see when they receive or buy your products, and it must be perfect and of the highest quality.

What are the most common industrial packaging machinery and materials?

Cold packaging systems: ERL, COOLPACK and SUPER P series, with their combinations of bubble film, stretch film and cardboard

The COOLPACK systems are a cold packaging system that can combine, among others, two types of film: bubble film and stretch film. All of them are made of polyethylene, which is a completely recyclable and ecological material, making it the most suitable product to be used in the packaging of certain products while respecting the necessary environmental requirements.

It manages to increase the level of protection at the same time as reducing energy consumption. It is ideal for all types of furniture and products that require special protection. They offer the cushioning of bubbles and the stronghold of stretch film.

Heat wrapping systems: the ERB, ERS and COMBO Series

The Shrink Wrapper (ERB) is an efficient, fast and cost-effective packaging machine for medium to large parcels. The ERB Series packers work with heat-shrinkable polyethylene film and offer a high degree of quality and aesthetics in their finishes. They are perfect for packing all types of furniture, doors, windows, blinds, pipes…

Trust CMB: experts in packaging machines

Finally, as we can see, the quality and effectiveness of the packaging depends on the good transport, handling, protection and storage of the products. 

This is why it is critical to know how to choose the packaging machinery and materials to be used to guarantee excellent results. At CMB, we are specialists in the manufacture of packaging machinery, suitable for the weight and volume of the pieces to be packed and offering maximum protection in the transport and logistics operations of the packed products.

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machinery and packaging materials
machinery and packaging materials