Efficient use of packaging—how you can improve and optimize your system

Have you been analysing the different variables, and do you think that a heat tunnel is the optimal solution for the efficient use of packaging? CMB introduces you to the ECOTHERM technology tunnel and discusses its main advantages and strengths.

The RB shrink tunnel is the module of the packaging equipment from which heat is supplied to shrink the shrink wrap, with polyethylene film: a heated chamber crossed by a conveyor belt, whose mission is to shrink the film dispensed by the unit, allowing the correct finishing and modelling of the packaging in relation to the shape of the object.

CMB heat sealers that allow an efficient use of packaging

CMB offers its customers three heat packer systems that offer a wide range of packaging solutions for various sizes and formats. The benefits of packaging automation provided by any of these machines are manifold. 

efficient use of packaging


An intelligent machine designed to pack products with maximum economy and using just the right amount of packaging material. It is capable of detecting the size and shape of the object to evaluate the size of the film to be used and select the corresponding real, avoiding waste of materials and loss of efficiency. Reduction of materials, working time, energy and optimal results in a single device.

ERS – Overlap Shrink Wrapper

This state-of-the-art development offers a long list of advantages. It is suitable for flat and regular shaped parts as well as long lengths. Its transport table makes only one stop in the entire process, resulting in a higher production rate. A very profitable investment due to its low maintenance cost and productive power.

efficient use of packaging
efficient use of packaging

ERB – Shrink Wrapping Machine

A state-of-the-art machine, ideal for the packaging of all types of medium and large pieces, stable or not, such as doors, windows, mattresses, boards, profiles and countless products with recyclable polyethylene shrink film. In addition, the optional ECOTHERM technology for heat optimization and energy saving is more than just a plus point.

What is ECOTHERM technology for efficient use of packaging?

By applying ECOTHERM technology to CMB‘s shrink heat tunnels, we have optimized the internal heat flow and its utilization to achieve the following technical improvements in the packaging process: 

  • Optimizes heat flow recirculation

  • Avoids temperature losses

  • Recirculation improves film shrinkage and consequently adhesion and finishes.

  • Suitable for all types of tunnels, but particularly suitable for large and high tunnels.

What are the benefits of the ECOTHERM tunnels that CMB offers?

The advantages and benefits of the application of this innovative technology are obvious.

  • Significant reduction of electricity consumption and therefore savings

  • Increased conveying and packing speed inside the tunnel

  • Continuous temperature and conveyor belt speed control

  • More homogeneous shrink wrapping

  • Control of the direction of the hot airflow inside the tunnel

  • Improved product finish and presentation

  • Compact grouped items to reduce storage and packaging space

  • Suitable for special customized finishing, even with company logo and colours

efficient use of packaging

It’s not just a question of giant savings in energy consumption and improved product presentation and aesthetics. Along with these two great virtues, it also offers the purchasing customer a sense of security and strength through packaging that provides excellent holding and safeguarding details.

Rely on CMB for efficient use of packaging

CMB‘s mission is to support our customers in every situation, helping them to develop the ideal solution for all their packaging needs.  

That is why we provide a dedicated and personalized advisory, sales, installation, testing and after-sales service with state-of-the-art packaging solutions, maximizing customer investment and ensuring exceptional management of personnel costs and energy savings, all in compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

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