CMB solves all your doubts about packaging machines

Packaging machines have gradually gained an important space in a fairly wide spectrum of industries, from sectors such as wood and furniture, aluminium, construction, food or automotive to, above all, logistics and transport. They use materials such as paper, cardboard, or film and are applicable to a wide variety of products with different shapes, weights, and characteristics.

Why are these types of machines becoming so popular? Mainly for two reasons. On the one hand, the use of automated packaging machines means a considerable increase in the safety of products against damage caused by external agents, such as landslides. On the other hand, the fact that it is an automatic process allows pallets to be incorporated into the packaging itself, which is a great advantage, especially in the logistics sector.

packaging machine

What are CMB industrial packaging machines?

We have already mentioned that packaging machines have been making their way into a wide variety of sectors thanks to the benefits they incorporate into the packaging process, but what exactly is a packaging machine?

A packaging machine or industrial packaging machine is a machine used in the packaging process that wraps the goods in recyclable polyethylene film in its various variants, with the aim of protecting it from possible damage that may be suffered during transport or storage, as well as from climatic conditions, such as, for example,  of humidity. Depending on the material used, it will be more or less effective in outdoor storage.

The packaging machines, in addition to ensuring the good condition of the goods, represent a considerable optimization of the material used in the packaging process, achieving savings in the amount of packaging material used.

What applications does a packaging machine have?

Industrial packaging machines can be used in many industries: food, cardboard, ceramics, plastics, building materials, fruits, household appliances, glass or wood.

At CMB we offer a wide variety of very versatile balers. If you need additional information or advice to acquire the packaging machine that best suits the needs of your business and the characteristics of your merchandise, do not hesitate to contact us. We have all kinds of packaging for the wood, aluminium and many other industries. 

How does a packaging machine work?

Cold and industrial packaging machines, in general, consist of a transport table through which the product is moved that enters a rotating crown that wraps it with the recyclable stretchable polyethylene film and, normally, transparent although there is also film of different colours. The whole process is automatic, requiring minimal attention from a technician, who simply checks that the process is developing properly.

To start the process, you just have to press a button. Here we can differentiate between automatic balers, which, as their name suggests, carry out the entire process automatically, or semi-automatic balers. Likewise, the characteristics of each model will determine the weight of the products that the machine can support and pack.

What types of packaging machines are there?

It is essential that the baler adapts to the characteristics and needs of the industry where it will be used. In general, we can differentiate two large groups of packers:

On the one hand, automatic balers, used in large production lines, which require a more complete process automation. Therefore, these packers carry out the entire packaging process automatically, without the need for an operator to perform actions beyond starting it up and controlling the process. In this group, it is possible to find a wide variety of options. You just have to look for the one that best suits the characteristics and needs of your business.

On the other hand, we find semi-automatic packers, used in businesses with smaller productions and loads. It will be necessary to perform certain manual actions, such as moving the load, but they also achieve a great result.

How to optimize the packaging process with a packaging machine?

To achieve optimal performance of the packaging process, it will be necessary to analyse well what specific requires it has and which CMB packaging machine best suits its characteristics. 

There are affordable packaging machines, which are the best choice for small businesses with reduced baling material flow. In all other cases, it is advisable to invest in an automatic baler, which will greatly accelerate the process.

Correctly optimizing the packaging process is essential to avoid jams and achieve a clean, agile and, above all, less expensive production process. At CMB, we are here to help you achieve this. Do not hesitate and trust us.