Find out why the COOLPACK-150-EXPRESS is a great packaging machine for kitchen furniture

Is a packing machine necessary for kitchen furniture? Yes, and a lot. Transporting or storing furniture safely is essential to ensure the good condition of the product. Wood is a soft material, regardless of the type, and this means that it can be scratched or other damaged relatively easily.

On the other hand, we cannot forget the vulnerability of wood to events such as fires or floods. Keep in mind that moisture, in the case of wood, could cause irreparable damage to the product.

Therefore, from CMB, as experts in the production of packaging machines, we want to emphasize the need to choose the right machinery to obtain the best result. Specifically, we would like to talk about our Coolpack-150-Express model. 

What difficulties does the packaging of kitchen furniture entail?

We have already mentioned that the fragility of wood is a great challenge when deciding the appropriate packaging, either for transport or storage. However, this is not the only difficulty we can find. In addition to all this, kitchen furniture is always distributed in medium and large quantities, so it will be necessary to find the optimal way to preserve the material.

In this same line, it is worth noting the fact that the kitchen cabinet is stored or transported directly until the moment it will be installed. This aspect, which often goes unnoticed, is essential when deciding a suitable type of packaging, since it makes this product more complicated than others that are transported in blocks directly.

And finally, we cannot forget its non-slip appearance, which makes it easy for the product to stay grouped and organized. This creates packaging for the product so that it is completely immobile and undamaged.

What is the Coolpack-150-Express?

Our Coolpack-150-Express model is based on a horizontal packaging system designed for cold working. It is much more efficient than a conventional shrink wrapping machine, as it consumes much less electrical energy.

This model can work with two different and combined types of materials: extendable film and bubble film, both made of recyclable polyethylene. The absence of heat and the materials used make it an ideal packaging machine for the packaging of kitchen furniture, since the combination of these two materials provides double protection. That is, while the bubble film provides high protection to the product, preventing it from being damaged or scratched, the stretch film keeps the parts immobile to prevent them from moving.

In addition, it is an automatic packaging machine that optimizes the amount of material used to the maximum to avoid generating an unnecessary amount of waste, which, in turn, allows optimizing the costs of the process.

Other advantages offered by the Coolpack-150-Express model as a packaging machine for kitchen furniture

Most workplace accidents occur in those manual tasks that operators must perform. As the Coolpack-150-Express model is an automatic packaging machine, the exposure of operators to unnecessary risks is minimized, in addition to reducing costs and personnel. In addition, automating the packaging process also helps to increase productivity considerably. This makes it easier to recover the investment in the very short term.

On the other hand, the high quality offered by Coolpack-150-Express packaging provides great coverage to the products, protecting them from external agents such as dust, impacts, or even moisture. This makes the resistance of the package to outdoor storage considerably increased.

Other applications of the Coolpack-150-Express model

It is clear that the Coolpack-150-Express model is a great choice as a packaging machine for kitchen furniture. However, this is not the only application it has. In addition to all the above, the Coolpack-150-Express model is ideal for a wide range of products.

On the one hand, it is perfect for packing medium and large products with heavy loads, finished products, cylindrical products in general, aluminium products, for long parts (insulating panels, wooden beams) or pieces of wide diameters, etc.

Bet on a CMB kitchen furniture packing machine

In short, it is a versatile and specialized option that provides excellent results. If you want additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us at [email protected] or, if you prefer, call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16.

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