The ERL Series machine is suitable for mouldings and profiles packaging

In this video, you can see how our ERL Series mouldings and profiles packaging machines work.

The packaging of mouldings and profiles is mostly done with machines that apply polyethene stretch film. The ERL Series machines, in particular our ERL-30 model, are ideal for this type of process because, in addition to binding the profiles and leaving them packed perfectly, these machines offer very high performance and production rate – currently the fastest and most efficient for this type of process.

It includes a rotating head with technology used in the aeronautical industry, which allows it to pack up to millions of packages without reliability issues, due to its great resistance as well as the hardness of its components.

How do our ERL Series packaging machines work?

The package, which in this case is usually long and narrow, is placed on the entrance table of the machine that pushes it towards the rotating crown thanks to its motorized rollers. The crown will apply the stretch film, leaving the package well bound and like a shiny mirror thanks to the overlapping layers and tension of the film, and it’s also fully adjustable according to the client’s preferences and needs.

The work sequence is as follows: package input, binding rotations, wrapping rotations, package output with final binding rotation and subsequent cutting of the film, which is arranged ready to receive the next package.

It’s the best way to pack this type of product properly, reliably, easily and economically. And for this task, there’s nothing better than a CMB ERL Series machine.

More details on our ERL packaging machines

his series of automated packaging machines is not only suitable for packaging mouldings and profiles but can also be used for a wide list of products, such as furniture of all sizes, doors, windows, stacked plates, textile, polystyrene, blinds, tubes…

Moreover, both the low consumption cost and low maintenance required, make these packaging machines suitable and ideal for most industrial sectors.

Able to continuously work on packages of different sizes, they are also very simple to instal and offer a very high degree of occupational safety for workers. It’s a necessary and profitable investment, which can mark a turning point in terms of energy efficiency, productivity rates and quality in the end result.

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