Founded in 1986, CMB is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for the packaging of wood products, furniture, or aluminium parts of medium and large dimensions.

We offer the possibility of adapting each machine and process to the needs, materials, and objects of the projects presented to us by our customers. Having the right machinery to carry out the packaging allows you to obtain better protection and a better final result, in an automated, safe and efficient way in equal parts.

In the list of automated packaging solutions, you can find different systems designed to work with different materials and combine them with each other, increasing the degree of protection even more:

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  • Cold packaging: capable of combining bubble film and stretch film, this is a combination that offers high protection and low-energy consumption.

    A combination of materials that allows the object to be protected to have different superimposed layers, achieving a much stronger protection and all the security guarantees for its transport or storage.

  • Packaging with heat: designed to work with heat-shrinkable film, with which the product to be covered will have an excellent display, a great hold and the best possible protection.

    On the other hand, heat-shrinkable film for overlap bottom welding is undoubtedly perfect for large products; in addition to providing exceptional protection, it is a material and a system that allows you to customize the finishes and achieve a superlative aesthetic result.

Advantages of packaging machinery for wood products

For the protection of wood products or furniture, it is important to have the right machinery. Nowadays, the market offers very resistant packaging materials and CMB knows them very well. Our aim with our wood product packaging machinery is to guarantee all our customers maximum protection for their goods and every single piece or packaged product.

For example, bubble film is a good ally for protecting wood. This material provides maximum protection for the product and can be designed and customized according to the customer’s taste or needs. Moreover, it can be adjusted depending on the type of transport in which it will be moved.

Undoubtedly, it is ideal for any type of export or import operation, or for the storage of large wooden products. Any of the materials used in our machinery offers great durability, resistance and, of course, quality.

Learn more about our packaging machinery

The machinery for industrial and automated packaging that we manufacture at CMB, as we have already mentioned, can be classified into two large blocks: those that work with cold and those that work with heat.

Regarding cold packaging, the material we use is polyethylene film, which allows us to pack and protect any product quickly, efficiently and economically. The resulting packaging stands out for its fastening and safety. Our catalogue of working machinery is made up of the ERL, the COOLPACK and the Super P.

On the other hand, the heat wrapping machines are characterized by the application of heat to the film used, with the aim of shrinking it and making it adhere to the product.  

With this technique, a better hold and greater protection is achieved, as well as a more beautiful and aesthetic finish. We have three types of machines that pack with heat, each of them with specific singularities that allow us to respond to different packaging needs: shrink wrappers (ERB), overlap shrink wrappers (ERS) and the Combo model.

At CMB you will find the ideal packaging system for your production plant

At CMB, we have been manufacturing customized wood packaging machinery for more than thirty years to meet the different needs of any production plant.

You can contact us through the form on our website, by calling (+34) 93 636 14 16 or writing to us at [email protected].

how to weld polyethene film