If you are looking for the CMB  Manufacturing Program to know all the industrial packaging machine options we offer, in this article we will give you all the details of our six models of machines for cold and heat packing.

We remind you that in CMB we can adapt our models to your needs, being able to customize your machine, according to the requirements of the market sector to which your products are intended.

At CMB, we have more than 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial packaging solutions for medium and large products. This is how we have become a benchmark in the sector and, today, we have customers around the world who rely on our machines when packaging their products.

CMB balers: A specific Manufacturing Program with a high level of customization

In the CMB Manufacturing Program, you will find two types of packaging machinery for industries: those that pack cold and those that do it with heat. The first ones are perfect for packaging medium and large products with regular morphologies, such as doors, furniture, tubes, and profiles of all kinds. The latter, on the other hand, allow packing products with irregular shapes and achieve perfect finishes for the end customer.

All of them can be adapted to optimize the packaging process. Some of the most common modifications are the adaptation to the necessary height of the passage of the product to be packaged or the adjustment of the dimensions of the recyclable polyethylene film to be used. In this way, it is possible to make the industrial packaging process much more efficient.

Cold packaging machinery: get to know the ERL, the COOLPACK and the SUPER P

The cold packaging process has the advantage of being much cheaper than the shrink process because the energy consumption is lower, and you do not need to adapt the size of the coil to the product to be packed, since there is a “bandaging” effect of the product.

In CMB we have different models of machines for cold packaging. All of them use stretchable polyethylene film, a fully recyclable and highly efficient packaging material that provides a high level of support. If necessary, it can be combined with other materials, such as bubble film, cell-air, kraft paper and corrugated cardboard sheets, to increase the level of protection.

cmb Manufacturing Program
cmb Manufacturing Program

ERL: the wraparound rotary packer for economical packaging

This  automatic film wrapper has an automatic packaging system, which allows maximum production, with the minimum added cost. Its wraparound toothed crown is designed to ensure the highest level of reliability to the packaging process.

COOLPACK: double insulation and greater protection

This packaging machine offers the possibility of combining several materials, all of them recyclable: bubble polyethylene films, cell-air, kraft paper and stretch film. The former offers all the necessary cushioning, while the latter, the stretchable, provides the highest support. Undoubtedly, this machine is an excellent investment, due to its low maintenance and easy installation.

cmb Manufacturing Program
cmb Manufacturing Program

SUPER P: maximum protection with three layers

Its system allows layering of cardboard protection materials to be superimposed on roll or cell-air depending on the product to be packaged, achieving an unparalleled degree of protection. Normally, stretch film is usually used as a finish, which is the one that holds the other protective materials that have been used for the packaging of the product, in order to guarantee superprotection.

Heat packaging machinery: get to know the ERB, COMBO and ERS

Heat packaging uses the same polyethylene film as cold packaging, but with the necessary pre-treatment so that when heat is applied the shrink wrapping process of the film occurs. Due to the application of temperature in the packaging process, the polyethylene film shrinks and adapts to the product. This improves support, increases protection and achieves an aesthetic finish, which even allows you to see the inside of the packaging.

At CMB we have three different heat packaging machines, which allow us to solve all the current needs of the industry: the ERB, the COMBO and the ERS.

ERB: unparalleled finishes with very competitive costs

This shrink wrapper stands out for its high production rate, its high quality finishes and its competitive cost. It is a robust and effective machine, which only stops the product to be packed once during the whole process to weld the film and allows the packaging to be finished with personalized finishes.

cmb Manufacturing Program
cmb Manufacturing Program

COMBO: an intelligent machine to optimize packaging

This machine allows packaging efficiently and continuously, thanks to its ability to detect the dimensions of the product and thus select, automatically, the indicated coil so that the packaging is perfectly adapted and there is no waste of material.

ERS: retractable overlapping baler to cover the entire product

This model allows to achieve a very good visualization of the product, and guarantees really high productions, thanks to the fact that the transport table only makes one stop during the whole process. It is a robust and easy to maintain machine, which is an excellent investment for any industrial packaging plant.

cmb Manufacturing Program

Contact CMB so that we can provide you with all the necessary advice

In CMB we have a highly trained commercial team that can provide you with the best advice to find the machine you need. In addition, our technical team will be able to evaluate your needs to design all the modifications that are necessary to adapt our packaging machines to your industry.

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