Advanced and modern industrial machinery is a guarantee of a good industrial packaging process. It is true that in this new era, which has been like this for some years now, called Industry 4.0, automated industrial machinery and the digitalisation of industrial processes are playing a central and fundamental role. At CMB we are true specialists in the manufacture and installation of automated packaging machinery for medium and large sized furniture.

What is the purpose of selling industrial packaging machinery?

The purpose of industrial packaging is to protect our products from impact, vibration or corrosion, to name but a few of the factors that can change the quality, presentation or the very essence of our products. There are different protective materials depending on the product to be transported and different types of packaging according to the needs of transport, handling and storage of the products. 

At CMB we are dedicated to the production and sale of industrial packaging machinery with safety measures that will allow you to use it more safely, reducing noise pollution and waste generation. With faster and more customisable machinery, adjusting to customer needs or changes on the fly is easier and more streamlined. Your plant will take a leap into the future in terms of productivity, packaging process quality, labour safety or energy efficiency.

What furniture packaging machinery do we offer at CMB?

CMB are specialists in the production and sale of machinery for the packaging of large furniture. In addition, we provide the necessary advice for selection, installation and operation of goods according to your needs. In the sale of machinery for furniture packaging, CMB offers you different types of machines.

Sale of cold packing machinery

The following are the main features of each of our cold packing machine models.

ERL – Rotary Wrap Around Packer

The rotary wrapping machine with stretch film is a packaging machine for large products, furniture of all sizes, furniture kits, doors, windows, stacked sheets, textiles, polystyrene, profiles, mouldings, blinds, pipes, and more. The stretch film of the rotary packer allows the packaging of stacked packages, with a greater guarantee of fastening. 

This packaging process is much more economical than shrink-wrapping, due to the fact that energy consumption is lower and it is not necessary to modify the size of the reel to the product to be packaged. It is a packaging machine designed to increase productivity and reduce costs in equal parts, which works with recyclable material and guarantees quality packaging for any company or industrial plant.

venta de maquinaria de embalaje


venta de maquinaria de embalaje

This packaging machine has been designed to offer maximum protection by combining two plastic materials of polyethylene film: bubble film and stretch film, both of which are recyclable. 

It adds extra protection and safety to the packaged products, thanks to double insulation, the cushioning effect of the bubble and the holding effect of the stretch film. 

In addition, it is a low-maintenance and easy-to-install packaging machine. In short, a safe and profitable investment for any company.


This packaging machine has a system that allows any object to be packaged with all types of materials, such as cardboard sheets in rolls or sheets. The name SUPER P refers to the term Super Protection, a word that perfectly sums up the main feature of this machine. Its system allows you to superimpose layers of different materials depending on the product to be packaged, achieving a truly exceptional degree of protection.

venta de maquinaria de embalaje

Sale of heat wrapping machinery

ERB Shrink-wrapping machine

venta de maquinaria de embalaje

The film, on coming into contact with heat, shrinks and exerts a binding effect on the product, protecting it and totally insulating it from dust, water and other external factors. 

The ERB is a very robust and efficient machine, which only interrupts the product to be packaged once during the whole process (when sealing the film). It also allows you to finish the packaging with customised finishes, using plastics with specific characteristics, different colours or even with your brand logo printed on them.


This machine has an industrial packaging system to pack products in an intelligent, continuous and efficient way, able to detect the dimensions of the product and using the right reel and the right amount of film at any given moment. It calculates the size of the product and makes the corresponding reel change, so that the packaging is perfectly adapted and the final result is optimal. This avoids excess film, which reduces costs and speeds up production.

venta de maquinaria de embalaje

ERS – Overlap Shrink Wrapper

venta de maquinaria de embalaje

This machine uses a state-of-the-art process with great advantages. It is ideal for flat and regular shaped parts as well as long lengths. It provides a very good view of the product and guarantees really high outputs thanks to the fact that the transport table makes only one stop during the entire process. It is characterised by its robustness and low maintenance requirements, making it a very profitable investment for any industrial packaging plant.

Experts in selling packaging machinery

If you need packaging machines to protect your wooden products or furniture during transport, at CMB you will find what you need. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone (+34) 93 636 14 16.