The challenge of getting a packaging machine at a good price and efficient

When we consider the task of finding the best packaging for our products, we want it not only to adapt to the conditions of protection, care and conservation, but also to be within our budget. This is because, throughout this industrial process, many factors play directly related to the quality and efficiency of the service we need to transport and store our wood products.

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The COOLPACK 150 TI High-Speed Machine

The COOLPACK 150 TI is a cold packing system that combines bubble polyethylene film with stretchable polyethylene film, both completely recyclable, to achieve a better result.  This machine offers high protection for packaging products of medium and large dimensions and, as if that were not enough, the energy consumption required to do so is very low compared to other packaging solutions that work with heat for heat shrinkable polyethylene film.

packing machine price

COOLPACK 150 TI High-Speed facilities

COOLPACK installations are made up of these elements:

  • Entrance table

  • Welding head

  • Intermediate table

  • Rotating crown with integral conveying system

  • Exit table

In addition, it is equipped with two coil holders: one for bubble polyethylene film and one with stretchable polyethylene film, both types of film completely recyclable. This machine offers an optimal and simple packaging process. Simply place the product, centred, on the inlet conveyor table and, completely automatically, the packaging process begins.

The packaging process consists of two steps. In the first, a bag of bubble film is created that wraps the product of stockings and large dimensions that must be packed. In the second, this bubble film bag is wrapped with stretch film so that the product it contains is completely isolated from the outside and from possible external agents that could damage it.

Advantages of using the COOLPACK 150-TI High-Speed machine

There are many advantages offered by our automated packaging machinery. In the case of the COOLPACK model, the enormous ease of preparation and start-up of the packaging process stands out, which is practically nil. It also offers the advantage of being able to adapt to parcels of different shapes and volumes, offering a quality and optimal result. Finally, being a cold packaging system, it does not need a significant caloric intake to work, with little energy is enough and, therefore, that means little economic investment for its operation.

The COOLPACK model of the basic line includes crowns of diameters from 100, 130, 150 and up to 300 cm. The most standard CMB manufacturing line has a crown of 150 cm. 

What other cold packing systems do we have at CMB?

Apart from the COOLPACK machine, in Armando-G we have other cold packaging systems such as the ERL and Super P. 

packing machine price

Wrapping Rotary Packer (ERL): efficient, fast packing machine with which you will get a spectacular profitability. They work with recyclable polyethylene stretch film and offer a high degree of support.

packing machine price

Super P: Super protection without limits of any kind. With the installation of this Super P module, a high degree of protection is achieved. It offers the possibility of combining overlapping layers with a wide variety of packaging materials, such as coil cardboard. Its operation is simple but very effective. The result of all this is exceptional protection for your products.

Get your packaging machine at the best price without sacrificing unmatched quality

The quality and effectiveness of the packaging will depend on the good transport, handling, protection and storage of our products. That is why, it is essential to know how to choose the packaging machinery manufacturing company that guarantees us excellent results.

At CMB, we specialize in the manufacture of machinery for the packaging of furniture, among many other products. The resulting packaging is always appropriate to the weight and volume of the parts to be contained and offering maximum protection in the transport and logistics operations of the packaged products. If you are interested in knowing more details about our machines, contact us without any commitment. Call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16 or write to us at [email protected].