Our extensive experience allows us to advise customers on the steps to be considered before packaging furniture and other wood or metal products.

To achieve this, it is necessary to know the exact characteristics of the product and, from there, to select the correct packaging and machinery to use. Our company specializes in the development of packaging machinery for medium and large wood products.

Our procedures will adapt to your needs and those of your product to automate the packaging process in every way: productivity, energy savings and efficiency, safety at work… The aim is to protect those areas that are most sensitive to impact–mainly the corners, where it will also be necessary to fit corner pieces or cardboard corner protectors — according to the size of the piece of furniture.

Which industrial products are cold-packed? 

At CMB, we have specialized machinery to automate the cold packaging process. We always recommend two of our machines for this, the COOLPACK and the ERL, capable of offering high production rates as well as high-energy efficiency. This makes them a profitable and safe investment for any company with its packaging plant.

The stretch polyethylene film of this rotary wrapping machine allows the packaging of stacked packs with a greater guarantee of secure hold. It is also important to highlight that the packaging process is much more economical than shrink wrapping because energy consumption is lower, and it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the product. This is a packaging machine especially designed to increase productivity and reduce costs in equal measure.

The COOLPACK installations are a cold packaging system capable of combining two recyclable polyethylene materials: bubble and stretch film. It increases the level of protection while reducing energy consumption. It is ideal for all types of furniture, home accessories, blinds, doors and windows… and all those products that require special protection. We are talking about a machine capable of combining the cushioning effect of the bubbles and the stronghold of the film, achieving a final packaging with full guarantees and high quality.


As its name suggests, with the installation of this SP (super protection) module, a superlative degree of protection is achieved. It increases the performance of CMB packaging machines and offers the possibility of combining overlapping layers with a wide variety of packaging materials which, until now, were hardly used on this type of machine, such as cardboard on a reel. It offers different packaging possibilities by combining materials and its operation is simple, but very effective. The result is exceptional protection for your products.

qué productos industriales se embalan en frío

In addition, this machine is even more attractive due to its ease of operation and low maintenance, which in turn results in reduced costs and savings in electricity consumption.

In essence, with this type of machinery, more work is done in less time, increasing productivity, finishing quality and energy efficiency in equal measure.

CMB offers its expertise in cold packaging 

Both options are particularly convenient when it comes to adding corner protectors, as they allow the incorporation of a lifting table in the cabinet to place them, which is placed before the packaging line. In this way, the operator effortlessly lifts the piece of furniture, however heavy it may be, and places the corner protectors at all points quickly and ergonomically.

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