At CMB you will find special machinery to wrap doors, both in cold and heat packaging

Regarding door wrapping machines, at CMB, as experts in the packaging of all types of furniture and wood products, we have two different models that we usually recommend for this

embaladora de puertas

A tremendously efficient door wrapping machine with a superlative degree of protection

The first machine we want to show is our door wrapping machine COOLPACK, for cold working and ideal for doors and all kinds of furniture, home accessories, windows…

Its design and system are specially designed for all those products that require a special degree of protection. Its strong point is found in that it is able to combine the bubble film with the stretch film, providing a double insulation, based on the mixture of the bubble’s damping effect, with the high fastening force of the stretch film.

On the other hand, we are facing a very versatile installation with great flexibility, as it is capable of wrapping products of very different formats, being tremendously effective, efficient and profitable.

COOLPACK door wrapping machine
embaladora de puertas

The ERB door wrapping machine: the best finishes, together with high production

With this door wrapping machine for working with heat, a very wide variety of products can be protected: furniture of all kinds, wood, mattresses, textiles, profiles and fences, automotive accessories …

It provides a high production, since during the entire packaging process it only makes a brief stop to weld the film.

On the other hand, it offers the possibility of finishing the packaging of the products with personalized finishes, using plastics with specific characteristics, colors or even with the brand’s printed logo.

On the other hand, this is a shrink wrapping machine characterized by its great robustness and a high degree of reliability, which means significant savings in maintenance and set-up, apart from having a fairly simple installation.

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This type of machinery represents a considerable investment for the majority of companies in our country. Our extensive experience has shown us that these machinery usually raises certain doubts, if the sector is not known in depth or the specific applications of each model.

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We have spent many years betting on research and development of new technologies for the industrial packaging of wood and furniture products. We have a high Know How in everything related to the optimization of packaging plants for this type of products and, without a doubt, this is the best guarantee for each of our clients. In general, all our machinery has been designed to optimize productivity, improve efficiency and increase the safety of modern packaging plants, being something that can bring great value to your company. Request information without obligation!