ERB is a wrapping machine to work with recyclable polyethylene shrink wrap film, designed to wrap a wide range of products in a completely automated manner


The ERB shrink wrapper comprises two packaging modules. These are the film application module with its welding head and the heat tunnel where the film shrinks. This latter element has the option of incorporating the ECOTHERM system to optimise heating and save energy. 

This system is ideal for optimising packaging with polyethylene shrink wrap film in an industrial plant. It guarantees a high output, high energy efficiency and, as if that wasn’t enough, it enables high quality finishes that can be personalised thanks to the option of adjusting the hot air flow using the ECOTHERM system. 

The ERB automatic wrapping system has been designed to mass-package a long list of products: doors, furniture, wood, boards, aluminium and PVC insulation boards, mattresses, textiles, profiles and closings, automotive accessories….

The ECOTHERM system has been designed to improve the performance and energy efficiency of the shrink tunnel of the machines from the ERB Series

ECOTHERM is a mechanical system that increases the internal air flow and substantially improves performance in all of the shrink tunnels from the RB Series. It optimises the recirculation of the aforementioned air flow and improves the shrink wrapping of the products that pass through the heat tunnel.

It is well-suited to almost all tunnels, especially in those with a high internal capacity, both in terms of height dimensions of the heat chamber and in large chamber widths (RB-130/80, RB-230/30, etc.).

Advantages of this innovative system

  • It significantly reduces electricity consumption and increases the speed of transport

  • It achieves a more homogeneous shrink wrapping

  • It provides greater freedom in controlling the direction of hot air flow inside the tunnel

Benefits of ECOTHERM

  • It will significantly reduce energy consumption

  • It improves output by increasing the speed of transport in the tunnel

What properties and strengths does polyethylene shrink wrap film have for the industrial packaging of products?

When an item is wrapped using this type of polyethylene shrink wrap film and the necessary heat is provided, it shrinks to fully adapt to the shape of the object and plasticises its entire surface.

With our machinery, the product and the film that covers it pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor belt, as we mentioned earlier.

Ultimately, an extremely high degree of protection and a strong hold are achieved, whilst also enabling a good view of the product given its transparency. 

As if that wasn’t enough, if you decide to invest in one of our wrapping machines from the ERB Series, you will achieve a higher production rate.  During the entire wrapping process, the machine only pauses briefly to weld the film that covers the product.

Moreover, this wrapping machine enables packaging to be completed using special and personalised finishes on the film used, including the company logo and colours. 

In essence, this is a technologically highly advanced, reliable and robust machine which does not require a lot of maintenance and boasts a long use life. It is an extremely profitable investment that quickly pays for itself for any company that needs to package its own products.

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