Efficient packaging proposals for the wood, aluminium, PVC and similar sectors.

In CMB we have more than thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery for medium and large dimensions, both cold and heat. We provide specific packaging solutions to obtain an optimal result and guarantee maximum protection of all types of products in the wood and aluminium sectors, among others; always considering environmental sustainability.

In this article, we’ll look at the packaging solutions available and the reasons why the wood and aluminium industries, among others, should consider them.

What packaging solutions for medium and large products we offer at CMB

At CMB, we are committed to researching more advanced solutions that allow us to achieve better results at a lower cost. Next, we will detail the variety of materials applicable to our packaging machines for medium and large products.

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packaging machine for medium and large products

Cold packaging solutions

On many occasions, it is essential to have a cold packer, especially for certain products of the wood and aluminium industry in which the dimensions of the same can change frequently. Some packaging materials available for cold packers are as follows:

The use of recyclable polyethylene film of the stretch type allows to greatly reduce the costs derived from the use of the material, since it allows working with stacked packages, considerably increasing the degree of fastening. In addition, as we said, it is a much more economical method, since it requires lower consumption of electrical energy and does not need changes in film reel widths since it adapts perfectly to the size of the product we want to pack, which makes it a highly versatile solution while adaptable. This greater support makes it a great solution for packaging all types of profiles, panels, boards and plates, both wood and aluminium, PVC or other materials, which tend to slide, dislocate and move.

This combination adds, compared to the previous case, an extra protection to the products thanks to the recyclable polyethylene film of the bubble type, which absorbs the impact of the blows that the product may suffer, or even the pressure of the weight of the product itself when it must be stored stacked.

packaging machine for medium and large products

Heat packaging solutions

Although, as we indicated in the previous point, it is sometimes essential to have a cold packaging system to guarantee optimal protection of the products, it is no less true that, sometimes, the opposite happens. Everything will depend, as usual, on the types of products and the purpose of the packaging.

An example could be the machines based on recyclable polyethylene film of the heat-shrinkable type with under-weld by overlapping, which are a great solution for those cases in which it is necessary to pack large quantities of products with identical format safely, and with an excellent exterior aesthetic finish. And all this for a highly competitive price in relation to the high quality of the packaging that this type of machine offer.

What types of cold packaging do we offer at CMB?

We have already seen what types of bespoke packaging solutions you can find at CMB. However, talking about packaging solutions without treating the packaging systems we have, does not make sense. If you don’t know them yet, keep reading this article.

CoolPack cold packaging system

This packaging system and its different machine models for medium and large products is a cold packaging system that combines two packaging solutions: stretch film and bubble film. These materials are made of fully recyclable polyethylene, so, in addition to being a much more ecofriendly option, it will reduce costs considerably. And all this, providing greater protection for the goods.

It is an affordable and effective option, ideal for all types of profiles, panels, boards and plates, both wood and aluminium, steel, PVC or other materials, as it provides them with greater support while protecting the content.

Get the best packaging machines in CMB

These are just a few examples of the packaging machines we offer at CMB. All of them will help you optimize the packaging process of your business at a very profitable cost and with the best materials. If you want additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you get the best packaging machine for your business!