¿How does a packaging machine work?

The packaging machine is the central core of a packaging system. The packaging is usually the final layer that covers a product above the package (tertiary packaging) and guarantees its integrity throughout the industrial and commercial process: transport, distribution, storage …


Types of CMB packaging machines

Shrink tunnel 

packaging machine

In this case we talk about a special machine to wrap the products with thermoplastic or heat shrink film. The objective is to seal the merchandise and protect it from external actions giving it an aesthetic final finish in accordance with the quality of the packaged product.

Shrink wrapping consists of packaging with a transparent polyethylene film (recyclable and ecological) that adapts to the shape of the product. These types of tunnels are very common in different industrial sectors and can be purchased in different sizes according to the needs of each production line.

This is a complete and optimal process for the packaging of industrial products. It consists of a first wrapping station that applies the film on the product and a second part which is the retraction oven in which the film will contract leaving a wrapped package and with great aesthetic appearance.

Wrapping machine

packaging machine

Its function is to pack the products and wrap them with a transparent polyethylene film (recyclable and ecological) that isolates it from dirt and any threat or contamination during transport. It is an essential machine and its use translates into a very important saving of wrapping film, since companies that do not have a wrapper spend up to 3 times more of this plastic to perform the same process.

This is a complete and total packaging process that, together with the one carried out with the Shrink Tunnels, make them the two most used and effective packaging systems currently in the industrial market.

This type of machines are capable of working together with an initial wrapping machine that will apply in automatic film of bubble, for example, that will reinforce the packaging giving greater protection to the product.

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This is just a small and basic explanation of the different types of packaging machines manufactured by CMB. For more information or advice, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.