Tell us what products you need to pack, and we will tell you which packaging machine you should choose

At CMB we are experts in packaging solutions and materials and, as such, we manufacture various machines for industrial use. In this way, we can meet the needs of different sectors, including yours.

We are specialized in packaging machines for medium and large wood and aluminium products, although we also have extensive experience designing machines to cover other materials and smaller products.

Do you need a cold packaging machine?: these are the most suitable for packing products regularly

Cold packaging machines use polyethylene film, a recyclable material that allows to tie, pack and protect objects in an efficient and safe way, guaranteeing the fastening of all packaged products. In addition, by not using heat, this process is energy efficient, proving to be more sustainable and economical than heat packaging.

Keep in mind that this type of packaging is the ideal, efficient and economical option for transporting products to distribution warehouses, but it is not the most recommended alternative for the product that must go directly to the end customer, since over time it could lose some of its properties acquired during the prestressing process. In addition, there are other types of packaging that guarantee its durability over time and higher quality finishes.

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ERL: the ideal machine for packing doors, windows, furniture, and other large products

Our Wraparound Rotary Baler (ERL) this machine is ideal for packaging products of different dimensions and shapes, as long as they do not have an excessively irregular morphology. From cabinets, mounted furniture or doors, to profiles and tubes, depending on the model and size chosen, this machine is able to adapt to all shapes and objects without the need to adapt the size of the coil to the product to be packed.

What does packing allow?

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  • Furniture of all sizes

  • Kit cabinet

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Stacked plates

  • Stacked packages

  • Textile

  • Polystyrene

  • Profiles

  • Mouldings

  • Blinds

  • Tubes

COOLPACK: packaging for products that need greater protection

This machine is used to pack the same types of products as with the ERL Series machines, but which require greater protection. The COOLPACK adds to the module of the ERL stretch film machine, another module that covers the product with bubble film, polyethylene film mousse or kraft paper, adapting at all times to the needs of the customer. The films to be used are always made of fully recyclable polyethylene. 

Therefore, it is indicated for a set of products similar to the previous one, but that by their nature require greater care.

Among them are windows, home accessories, delicate doors and many more.

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SUPER P: maximum protection for large parts with regular shape

The SUPER P machine allows you to pack products with similar characteristics to the previous ones, with the difference that it allows you to add a layer of protection. It provides the highest protection, through the overlapping of different protective materials: stretch film, bubble film, polyethylene film mousse and rolled cardboard sheets. The films to be used are always made of fully recyclable polyethylene. Thus, while the ERL machine provides simple protection and the COOLPACK double packs, the SUPER P goes a step further and offers a third protective cover to the product.

One of its greatest benefits is that it allows you to combine different types of materials, to use those that are most appropriate to the needs of each moment, and depending on the types of manipulations to which the package must be subjected.

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Heat packaging machines: high-quality finishes for irregularly shaped products

Heat packaging machines work by subjecting recyclable polyethylene to high temperatures, with the aim of contracting and adapting to the product. In this way, it holds better, offers greater protection and a better aesthetic finish of the packaging, even allowing you to see what is inside.

At CMB, we produce three different heat packaging machines, which allow us to solve all the current needs of the industry:

ERB: the versatile shrink wrapper with which you can pack everything from mattresses to automotive accessories

This shrink packer is composed of two packaging modules: the welding head and the shrink tunnel. The first is responsible for covering the material with the film, while the second oversees contracting it to fit perfectly to the product it wraps.

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Some of the products that can be covered with this film are:

  • Furniture of all kinds

  • Woods

  • Mattresses

  • Textiles

  • Profiles

  • Enclosures

  • Automotive accessories

  • Many more

COMBO: continuous packaging of products of different dimensions in the same line

This type of machine constitute one of our most complete facilities and are the most used in those industries that require packaging products of different sizes continuously. 

The COMBO system detects the dimensions of the package to be packed and automatically selects the appropriate film reel for each product. In this way, the use of the amount of film is optimized and waste is avoided.

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ERS: high-quality finishes and optimization of production times

The Overlapping Shrink Baler (ERS) is an automatic packaging installation that works using shrink film and under-overlapping welding, which allow you to achieve large serial productions with high-quality finishes. 

It is an ideal system for all those companies or packaging plants that need to obtain a total visualization of the product. Thanks to the quality of its finishes, it is an ideal presentation for the end customer.

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