How to weld polyethene film?

In this post, we will explain how the welding heads of our wrapping machinery work, as well as the internal process that occurs inside them… How do our packaging machines weld the polyethene film?

The welding heads that join the sheets of the different types of polyethene film are undoubtedly the most important part of packaging machines in both cool and hot packaging systems.

If the layers of film are not attached well, the result will be a package with open sides, which will soon end up completely unwrapped and without protection.

how to weld polyethene film

What material do we use for the welding heads?

The heads of the CMB packaging machines are made of duralumin and boast a unique and successful system that allows them to make strong and durable welding seams for the different types of recyclable polyethene film that can be used in our machines.

Inside the welding bar or head is an electrical resistance and temperature control device, which is what helps it achieve a uniform temperature along its length, to be able to perform the necessary welds.

Moreover, the duralumin head is covered in a Teflon sheet that will prevent the film from sticking to the welding head during the sealing process.

What sort of maintenance do the welding heads of our machines require?

The maintenance of these advanced devices is simple and mainly consists of replacing the protective Teflon sheet, which wears out with the passage of packages since it always operates at a certain temperature.

CMB has different models of welding heads for the different types of polyethene film and, at present, we also have a specific model of head designed for a new and innovative use for these kinds of automatic machines, which is Kraft paper. Undoubtedly, we continue to research and develop new uses every day.

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